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Tips to Save Money this 2018

Saving money may not be that easy for most of us especially if our salary and income is not even enough to cover our monthly expenses.  Luckily for you, I am sharing with you today this "Personal budget strategy to consider this 2018"  This includes tips and tricks to to survive another year of strict budgeting and saving money.

Health is Wealth and is part of Saving Money

One of the most fundamental ways to save money is to treasure your health. You need to eat healthier and get more exercise.  If you are healthier then that means less trip to the doctor and less medicine because for all you know they are the biggest spender of funds.

Bear this in mind as you go through the tips to save money this 2018.  Remember also, if you want to reach new heights this year like taking a new hobby, travel and more then you have to save on money.

Tips to Save Money this 2018

In this article we would like to share the six steps to save money which was shared to us by Global Fintech company Home Credit.

Tips to Save Money this 2018 #1: Track your spending

Ask for receipts whenever possible, so you can log your expenses every day.  You’re not even required to log them in an Excel spreadsheet (but if that works for you, go ahead!) –just keep it organized, so you can review it anytime.  Remember, your goal here is to be aware of your daily spending habits so you’ll know the things you can live without.

Tips to Save Money this 2018 #2: The Slush fund

Be it an emergency or a car repair, there are high chances of encountering these unfortunate incidents.  Keep them from running you into debt by having your emergency fund in an account that’s easily accessible for you.  But use them only for emergencies!

Tips to Save Money this 2018 #3: Focus on one thing

A house?  A Car?  Or just start little like a new appliance or a gadget?  The point is to determine one specific goal and focus all your efforts on obtaining it.
You can’t have many financial goals and try to achieve them all simultaneously without draining your other funds.  Prioritize one objective and figure out how you are going to get there.  If you think this means you’ll have to trim your expenses, you’re right.

Tips to Save Money this 2018 #4: The fun fund: cut down on it

There are just some days when you can’t resist the impulse to buy something out of boredom.  Either that, or you just choose to spend on unnecessary things when you can just opt for a cheaper—rather, simpler way of living.  Once you have tracked your spending and found what you don’t need, try to gradually—if not immediately—take it out of your system.

Tips to Save Money this 2018 #5: The list

List, list, and list.  You’ve heard it again and again to emphasize its importance.  If you have a list for even the smallest things you need to buy, you’ll less likely spend on impulse purchases and only stick to what you’re looking for.  Of course, it’s a totally different issue if you decide to buy something else instead of the one on your list!

Tips to Save Money this 2018 #6: Installments  

If you’ve already come up with a budget plan, but think that the monthly costs might still be heavy for you, then you might find it hard to do one time big time payments.  Rather than one all-out spending, how about pay in installments to make your monthly costs lighter?  Imagine paying for them and still having enough money!

Why Installments Saves Money?

You would say that in the long run installments make you spend more money.  Well, you are right, the cost is definitely bigger in most cases, however this also allows you to spread up your capacity and save more in the moment.

Home Credit which provides installments to almost anyone is a good option.  With them you don't need to have a credit card plus there are installments at 0% interest rate.  Their application process is one of the simplest and has the fastest loan approval. It only requires your two valid IDs, a filled-out application form, and 20 minutes of your time to get approved.

Some would say that they have bad experiences with Home Credit and that calls irate them.  Since, they do not have credit investigation and you are given the trust, you should understand that there are protection measures.  The calls, reminders and others serves as a way to protect their company and ensure that you pay the load.  If you have problems you can always read OUR ARTICLE ON SOLVING THE HORRORS OF HOME CREDIT.

Remember these tips to save money this 2018!

Budgeting isn’t just about living the matipid lifestyle, as we Filipinos like to call it.  It’s more on handling your funds wisely by setting your priorities straight and maintaining your discipline to stay within your limits.  And if you followed our advice to set your focus on one thing, Home Credit’s installment promos will make sure that you’ll get it in a budget-friendly way.
For more info about Home Credit’s promos, loan applications, and store locations, visit www.homecredit.ph.

We are open for your comments and feedback.  Also, if you can share additional tips to save money this 2018 we are very eager to know about it.

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