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The Station Maginhawa Food Park

Have you been to Maginhawa Food Street?  If you had been then you have you been to The Station Maginhawa?  If not yet then your experience of the food street is not complete.  This is the newest food park that features awesome and unique food, from desserts, to burgers, shawarma, and beers.  It also has the feel of a train station, well I guess that’s a giveaway.

We would like to inform you in advance that this article was made while the place is still being finalized for its design.  I am sure that the place is a lot more beautiful and complete as time passes by.

20 Food Stalls

Take a taste of Taiyaki Ice Cream and other unique softserve ice creams at Chibi-Chi Softserve or enjoy Matcha blended drinks and cake at One Matcha.  This place is really composed of such unique collection of food stalls.  There is also a stall which has a hotdog could Snoop Dog and their buns are black.

Most of the food stalls here have affordable menu pricing, although some are really beyond that boundary of affordable.  We have not tried all of them yet but we will surely be back and give you a short review of what to look out for.

We have tried one concessionaire of this place, Chibi-Chibi Soft Serve, which features unique Korean and Japanese inspired ice creams and desserts.

Unique Design of The Station Magingawa

Most food parks exhibit unique design and their own remarkable theme.  The Station Maginhawa upon completion will look like a train station where you can dine inside either a bullet train or the traditional steam train.

Enjoy eating downstairs or at the roof top and enjoy music throughout the years.  When we visited the place we started hearing 70s music until the latest hits as the nightfall begins.  This is also an ideal place for your barkada or friends to have a drink and enjoy that bucket of beer.  They have lots of beer brands to choose from.  I got a glimpse of the price and it was around P250 per bucket.

How to get to The Station Maginhawa

The Station Maginhawa is open daily from 4pm to 12 midnught on weekdays and from 4pm to 2am on weekends.  It is located near V. Luna in Quezon City.

If you are coming from EDSA all you have to do is ride a jeepney at Kamias with the sign board Anonas.  Right before the jeepney turns right, alight the jeepney and cross the street walking towards V. Luna.  Turn right at V. Luna then continue to walk as the street curves to the left to Maginhawa St.  The Station Maginhawa is at the left side of the road.

Once you experience this place don’t forget to tell us what you think about it and also recommend to our viewers what food you like the most.

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