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Unique Ice Creams at Chibi-Chibi Softserve

It is our first time to be at Maginhawa St., the famous food street in Quezon City.  We arrived early at a new food park being established – The Station Maginhawa, which is by the way really cool.  We were invited to have a look and taste of the newest attraction at Maginhawa – Chibi Chibi Softserve.  These guys serves unique ice cream concoctions.

Chibi-Chibi softserve menu were inspired by the travels of the owners in Japan and Korea.  The ice cream creations here are very unique and in fact the first time that we had experience it.  Good news for anime fans because these are also for them to experience.

By the way their name means “small” and “cute” or technically double that description since its “chibi-chibi.”

Chibi-Chibi Floats

Ichigo Pink Float and Midori Apple Float serves as the starters for this place. Prices at just Php50 they will surely be a hit specially considering they are flavorful Strawberry and Apple topped with real fruits and Vanilla ice cream.  All you have to do is mix the ice cream into the juice and wala, you have the perfect taste to sip.  Personally, I recommend the Strawberry because it’s sweet and has that real taste of the fruit.

Flowerpot Cake Ice Cream

These mini-cakes placed in small flower pots makes the place true to its name – “Chibi”.  This concoction comes with softserve ice cream with Oreo sprinkles on top.  It also has solid Oreos which makes it a lot creamier and tastier.

Taiyaki Ice Cream

If you love Samanco from Korea and you love the street version of ice cream inside your bread then you will love this.  Taiyaki Ice cream is a fish shaped waffle with Vanilla ice cream fillings and your choice of add-ons.  For me I made it: Custard + Cereals + Banana + Kisses.  This one could make your stomach full since the waffle is really heavy on the stomach.

They make their own fish waffle in a customized waffle maker direct from Korea.  Contrary to other fish waffles, their fish is smiling and happy to take in all that fillings.  I really like it and would recommend you to try it as well.

Visit Chibi-Chibi Softserve Now

Chibi-Chibi Softserve opens daily at The Station Maginhawa from 4pm to 12 midnight weekdays and from 4pm to 2am weekends.  They will also be offering new and surprise additional menus depending on the season, so always visit this place.

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