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Experience Retro at Mr Angelos Diner

It's another rare find this weekend as we explore the vicinity of Mall of Asia complex.  We are looking for something new to eat and then we discover - Mr. Angelo's Diner.  We are attracted by the retro music and the very unique theme of the restaurant.  Thus, we enter and order our food and here is what we can say about their place.

Mr. Angelo's Diner Ambiance

It was full retro.  Enjoy the music and the facade of the 70s and 80s in this restaurant.  They even have a jukebox model in the area which you would think is actually playing the music.  Even though the jukebox is just fake I really appreciated it.  If you want something unique and rare then you should try them out.

Mr. Angelo's Diner Food

We ordered their All Day Breakfast Bacon - All American Breakfast and Hot Hawaiian Breakfast.  This is our first time to try something like this and we were not disappointed.  It comes with bacon and ham plus chips and eggs.  At Php99 per meal, I would say this is already affordable considering the ambiance as well.

We also order a Rootbear Float - A&W and IBC Rootbeer at Php70 each.  The cashier was kind enough to give us the leftover of the rootbeer since it will not be used 100% for the float.  A&W is the stronger root beer.

Mr. Angelo's Diner Rating and Details

I just found out that Mr. Angelo's Diner is not yet on Zomato and they better be listed because this is a good place to explore.  I know that I have read some bad reviews about their burgers so we will try that one next.

For now I am giving this place a 4/5 rating.  Really great place to eat and dine.

  • Address:   Sea Residences Apartment and Condo Building, SM Mall of Asia Complex
  • Cost:  PHP200 for two people (approx.)
  • Operating Hours: Opens Daily (did not get actual time though)

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