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FREE SEMINAR: Increasing your Restaurant Sales this 2017

We had done a lot of reviews of various restaurants and food establishments since we started this blog.  This time we would live to invite you to a FREE SEMINAR which we were informed this month.  GenieTech Inc., will be conducting an event - "ON THE MENU: Increasing your Restaurant Sales this 2017."  The event will help you learn more about strategies which your restaurant could eventually leverage for increased profits.

ON THE MENU: Increasing your Restaurant Sales this 2017 Topics

There will be seven topics in the seminar which covers an important technology which could help your restaurant increase it sales.  Topics are as follows:
  • What and How Millenials Eat? - Figuring out Gen "Y"s' Eclectic Preference
  • Supercharge Your Brand - how food is being embraced through social media platform as a vehicle for story-telling and self-expression.
  • Where Technology Comes Into Play - mobile technology trends for restaurants
  • Keep Customers Coming Back - learn new strategies to engage with customers and drive loyalty.
  • Improve Your Visual - how to improve your menu display.
  • Be Online - online ordering integrated into your restaurant


How to register for ON THE MENU: Increasing your Restaurant Sales this 2017?

The event will be on February 23, 2017 at Discover Primea.  In order to REGISTER JUST CLICK THIS LINK and fill out the registration form.  Remember this is a free event so it is your opportunity to learn and expand your knowledge.

Some of the speakers includes Harvard Uy De Baron of www.alwayshungry.ph and Azrael Coladilla, a seasoned blogger and online influencer.

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