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OPPO F1s: Day In The Life

What does a day in my life look like. I know a lot of you are thinking who is the author of this blog and what does he do besides blogging. Well, today I will be sharing a day in my life as part of "OPPO F1s: Day In The Life."

Commuters Daily Ordeal

I am a single dad to 3 kids and two of them are still studying as a Senior High School student in Valenzuela.  We usually wake up around 4:00am, prepare meals, and get ready for our respective things to do.  I work as a Digital Marketing Consultant for a company in Alphaland Southgate Mall, thus, I have to travel daily from our place up to the nearly end of MRT.

The most difficult part of my daily life is commuting.  Commonly there are buses in the terminal here but none is about to leave.  You can see the long lines of commuters queuing while the bus conductors and drivers doesn't care at all.

Finally upon boarding the bus, I will arrive at MRT after around 30-45 minutes then endure another line queue for another 30-45 mins before finally being able to get into the train.  The trip will last for another 45 minutes and I am finally at work.

Digital Marketing and Blogging Daily

Digital Marketing is not easy.  Everyday I have to make sure that I reach the target audience of my company, write meaningful blog articles and monitor statistics and interaction through various channels.  Writing seems to be easy but since most of the time they are technical and related to business it drains my mental energy.

While doing work, I usually use blogging as well to relax my mind.  I use to snap photos of things and even myself about my various experience everyday.  If ever I will have a new experience about food on that day, I will snap a photo, post it on Instagram and Facebook and even blog about it.

Blogging and Writing After Work

I have to once again endure a commuter's ordeal of travelling from work to home for 3 hours despite of that I still have time to write and blog.  I post photos of myself and of scenery that will catch my attention.  Most of the time I also have events like food review, product launches and many more which I attend after work. Upon arriving home I will just eat and greet my kids and then blog again.

Quality Time with Kids

Despite the busy daily schedule, I always see to it that I will still have time to spend with my kids.  As a single dad it was never easy but taking photos with them, enjoying mobile games, watching videos and listening together to music is what made us stick together as a family.

My Daily Life + OPPO F1s

One of my dream mobile phones is actually OPPO F1s.  When I read about sharing your daily life as part of "OPPO F1s: Day In The Life," I never hesitated to share it.

The best feature of this phone that could help in my daily adventure is its 16MP front camera which uses a 1/3.1 sensor and an F/2.0 aperture.  It will allow me to take great photos not only of myself but of my bonding with my kids as well.  This means lots of good memories in quality digital photos plus a chance to create great video blogs for uploading to YouTube.

Did I mention that this one has a 13MP rear camera.  That means owning OPPO F1s means that I can capture vivid photos of things I write about as well as good videos as well.  This is definitely awesome!

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