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Best Burger in Metro Manila

What is the best burger in Metro Manila?  We had been to almost every place and we have tried a lot and we are amazed by every burger.  They differ in size of the buns, flavoring, ambiance and even the sauces and attitude of the staff.  This time however, we might have just found the BEST BURGER IN METRO MANILA - The Real Grill Burger.  Curious why we have said that?  Well here's why...

Before that let us make a disclaimer that this is not a paid post and we are not given any monetary consideration in order to make this article. The Real Grill is only open on WEEKENDS from 3pm to 12 midnight (Saturday and Sunday).

The foodies that will determine the fate of the burgers

Flooded with ordinary burgers

Selling a burger seems to be very ordinary for me.  There was no specific difference between all the existing burger joints and burger stands in the Metro.  There will be some unique flavoring of sorts, additional vegetable, unique sides but all in all they were almost the same.

I am already tired of eating burgers actually and if I will have a burger my common choice was a Chicken Burger.  I like the taste and the crunchiness of such a burger.  When we were invited to The Real Grill in Brgy. Lingunan, Valenzuela City, honestly I am not very excited - here comes another ordinary burger to taste.

Why the best burger in Metro Manila?

It will took probably a lot of things to make me say that this place probably gives their customers the best burger in the whole of Metro Manila and probably in Luzon.  I will not enumerate each of the different burger names that we order, rather I would tell why we made this bold conclusion.

1. The thickest and tastiest beef patty.  I would order a burger and I would see a patty with almost the same size.  It is just a patty that gets the flavoring out of whatever is put in it.  That's the big difference here, their beef patties are really thick and flavorful.  Yum! Yum! Yum!

2. Healthy burgers.  Well, am I telling you the truth?  Well in some way yes because beef is healthier than pork but beside that their patties are home made which ensures freshness and less added chemical.  They also cook these patties in "lava rock" meaning nature makes it even healthier.  Plus, all of their vegetables are 100% fresh.

3. Tasty as heaven.  If you do not like vegetables then you will like them for sure.  My kids hate burgers with vegetables and mushrooms but when they tried all of the burgers here at The Real Grill nothing was thrown away.  I was even surprised.  The secret is simple, make the burger tasty, add the right vegetables and do not make them dictate what your burger will taste like.

4. Affordable high end burgers.  Their cheapest burger, "Paranormal" is sold at Php52 ala carte and Php92 value meal.  Considering the quality that is way very very reasonable,.  Their most expensive, "The Real Grill - All In" is at Php222 ala carte and Php258 meal (you will be surprised what it looks like and how tasty it is.).

A very innovative business - The Real Grill Burger

Having zero money to spend on rent this one is putting all those into the quality of their burger.  The names are also very enticing.  Do you know that BJ really feels good and you will like it when you experience it?

Well, I personally love their BJ (Binurger ni Jack Daniels), Php112 (Php148).  This is a burger infused with Jack Daniels and you can taste it all in that burger.

Another personal favorite is Inside Out Cheese Burger, Php92 (Php128).  This is also their best seller.  It is a burger which has mozzarella cheese inside and lots of cheese outside as well.  I love it!

Since I like chicken burger, I also love their new addition which is "Chicken ni Nini," priced at Php92 ala carte and Php128 meal.  This one is so crunchy and the flavor is so hypnotic.

They also have tasty juices served in classy mason jars.  It comes in two flavors Blue Lemonade and Apple - I recommend Apple though.

More than just burgers

They are also not just burgers because you can also enjoy a really tasty and more flavorful Lasagna that you usually eat at those fast food.  Their fries is also very very tasty and good. 

If you are looking for dips and flavor then it comes in 4 kinds - Garlic Mayo, Honey Mustard, Barbeque and Cheese.

Don't forget to try their Ice Blend Frappes which had just been introduced this January.  You can choose from either Choco Base or Coffee Base.

How much are their burgers and other food offerings?

Well if you will be visiting them here are their menu and pricing.

How to visit and try the best burger in Metro Manila?

Family and friends run this great tasting burger joint with special guest Choco Martin (second from left)

Well here's the direction.
  • If you are coming from EDSA just ride a bus going to Malanday or SM Marilao then asked to be drop off at Dalandanan from there walk a few distance and turn right at Cuevas Bakery.  You will see a yellow tricycle terminal inside Dulalia Homes.  Ask to be drop off at Lingunan Elementary School
  • If you are from Valenzuela area coming from Novaliches and Fairview then you can ride a tricycle at San Diego in Paso de Blas, this is near CVC. Ride a green tricycle and ask to be drop off at Lingunan Elementary School.

The Real Grill Burger is just walking distance from Lingunan Elementary School at Gregorio St.  You can also follow them and be updated through Facebook.

Do not miss the chance to discover and savor the best burger in Metro Manila.

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