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Aster Clinic Awarded with ISO 9001:2015 by TUV Rheinland

Aster Clinic is the first outpatient clinic in the Philippines to be given an ISO 9001:2015 certification from the reputable German company TUV Rheinland. This certification is the most difficult and is also the most reputable among awards given by the German company.

Milestone and Responsibility for Aster Clinic

The milestone award coincides with the 30th global anniversary of its parent company, Aster DM Healthcare LLC based in UAE, It is the company's core values, world class standards, excellent patient experience, technological advance in patient care that made the award possible according to Joyce Alumno, Country Manager of Aster DM Healthcare Philippines.

“It was not easy to pass the 9001:2015 commendations. We had to go through a tough process, which required us to document everything. However, with our existing international standards, we were given the TUV Rheinland approval after six months. Usually, assessments can go up to two years,” Alumno said. 

Though it is a prestigious award it comes with a responsibility.  It requires Aster to continue to ensure that it confirms to international standards and quality patient care.  The certification and award giving body specifically looks into how a company manages potential risks, confirms with global standards and various other criteria.

Aster Clinic Boasts World-Class Standard and Technology Innovation

“Aster DM Healthcare established a certain level of quality as benchmarks for about 300 Aster units located around the globe. We are guided by six core values, including integrity, passion, respect, compassion, excellence and unity that we have ingrained in our system and culture since we started operating," said Alumno.

The clinic is just around for one year, however it is an extension of more than 30 years of service and experience.  Being customer-centrist is a core-value of Aster as well by continuously ensuring that quality of service is a culture within the company.

Also, the Clinic Information System (CIS) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are technological breakthroughs in the company that have been recognized for its efficiency to patient care.
The CIS and EMR are systems for recording and keeping patients’ health information like laboratory results, medical check-up appointments, and even x-ray images. The information can be tracked by patients through the internet or their smartphones, which saves time, effort and costs on the part of the patients. The doctors can quickly refer to the patients’ records.

“We have top-of-the-line machines and equipment to back this modern system. The technology is created by the Aster group and is unique to the company. These technologies help eliminate errors and the switching of results. It is proven and tested to be efficient and effective,” Alumno said.

Aster Philippines 2017 and Beyond

“The ISO 9001:2015 certification is not just a marketing strategy for Aster Clinic. The company wants to make sure that they are setting the bar for international standards for outpatient clinics, thus we deemed it necessary to be certified by none less than TUV Rheinland.

Our greatest goal is to gain customer satisfaction through our excellent services.

Through the ISO certification, we are confident that we will deliver the best satisfaction that our patients would like to experience,” Alumno emphasized.

Meanwhile, the company is planning to expand in the country and will open three more branches in February next year.

“We want to become a chain of outpatient clinics while we look for opportunities of building hospitals and pharmacies because that’s what we have within our network. If the market is good, we are planning to do this in Metro Manila and in some key cities in the country” Alumno said.

Alumno added that the company will continue to promote its services, especially among the young adults as they recognize the increase of chronic or lifestyle diseases among this age group.

With an ISO 9001:2015 certification on its company wall, Aster Clinic in the Philippines is hopeful that these plans will be part of the future.

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