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The MOST DISAPPOINTING McDonalds meal ever!

I am not feeling very well so I decided to give myself a good breakfast.  I went to McDonalds and decided to order one of their breakfast meals - LONGGANISA with RICE + COFFEE + HASHBROWN.  The total bill was Php124 and it was fine but then I was in for the biggest shock of my life.

McDonalds disappointed me

Yes, McDonalds diappointed me big time.

  • The meal was set in a styro with plastic spoon and fork. 
  • The food was not even hot when they served it.
  • The longganisa looks like one longganisa sliced into two piece and I had never seen such a thing before.
  • The fried rice does not even taste like fried rice.
  • The presentation looks like it was some packed lunch at a cheap carinderia outside.
  • The hash brown was good though.
  • The coffee was bland.  The worst so far I had tasted.
What happened to McDonalds?  This was the second time I was disappointed by the way.  I think the first time was way back with their Fillet O' Fish

My suggestion to McDonalds

  • Use actual plate and spoon and fork the same way your nearest competitor is doing.
  • Please make it hot.
  • Improve your so called "fried" rice.
  • If you want to maintain the same quality please lower your cost.

This is just so disappointing.

By the way I searched "Longganisa" on Google and I think they should also try to search it.  I had never seen even one super flat, sliced look of longganisa.  I could agree to it if it was just any other store.

Do you share some horrible stories as well with McDonalds or other food chains?  Do share with us.

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  1. jollibee's longganisa is more disappointing to me, para lang siyang hotdog:(