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Manila Food Review - IHOP Cubao Araneta Center Review

It was a decision that we hold on for quite sometime because w thought that IHOP Cubao Araneta Center is a place were the food is relatively priced high luckily we found out that we were wrong.  IHOP means International House of Pancakes and for us they had proven why they deserve to be one off the best place to experience and enjoy.

IHOP Cubao Araneta Center Restaurant Ambiance

It was a simple restaurant and the size of the place is very modest.  What I admire here is that their table arrangement is really good and because of that the space was really maximized.  At one time we used it for the meeting and planning of our startup business and we had a very successful meeting.  I admire the interiors, the light and the design.

If you want to spend time with someone you love or with the family this place is really highly recommended.  You will not just enjoy great food but also a great venue.

IHOP Cubao Araneta Center Restaurant Food

I read their reviews on Zomato and I was surprised to hear some people saying how bad their pancakes are or how bad their food are.  Well, to be honest we never had that experience and this post was also not a paid one and we are doing it on our own.  We paid in full for all the food we have tried.

Never Empty Coffee Pot (Php95).  This is the main reason why I would stay at IHOP.  Of all the coffee shops in town they offer the most reasonable price and love for a coffee lover.  Imagine having infinite coffee time just for 95 pesos.

Original French Toast (Php195).  I do not like French Toast that much but I happen to try one that is good in Starbucks and I liked it so I tried this one at IHOP.  The taste is just enough and not too sweet and mind you I like it.  At this pricing it is one of the most affordable French Toast I have seen.

Breakfast Sampler? I do know if this is a breakfast sampler or something else.  My apologies since I did not take a note that time and I just found out that their Zomato menu if not updated.  Our order consists of scrambled egg, 2 sausage links and 2 bacon strips.  The bacon and sausage are both well done.  I love it as well.

4-Stack Original Buttermilk Pancakes (Php245).  I think this is way better than Pancake House.  I did tried their pancakes and I love it too but for me this one is a lot better.  I love the taste, the tenderness and the option to have different flavors poured in it.  This is also very affordable.

Carbonara Pasta (Php325).  I also love the taste of their Carbonara Pasta but I would say that it could improve if the service size will be increased.  I find it literally a very small serving considering the price.  Their flavoring could also improve somewhat.

French Fries.  This one is another item in the menu which they can improve.  Increase the serving size and improve its crispiness.

 IHOP Cubao Araneta Center Rating

I am giving IHOP Cubao Araneta Center a rating of 4.5/5.  They have things to improve on their menu but I think it would be unfair to say that this is a bad place or their pancakes are bad.  For me they offer one of the best pancakes in town and you better try it out.  Coffee is superb!

IHOP Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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