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Transition in the Fashion Industry after coming online

Technology drives changes; Information Technology has catalyzed changes in the fashion industry and has blended fashion with fad cementing nations, cultures and ages. Today, IT and internet has given haute couture and traditions a new meaning to accessories and apparel industries cutting across the barriers of sex, age and cultures of various countries.

Internet has proved to world that, fashion is an attitude statement and we need to wear it. That is why, the great Dr. Nelson Mandela used to sport extremely colorful Hawaiian shirts or Mrs. Hillary Clinton, semi – open floral designed Haithian top. And decorate herself with floral beads at this age and capacity. Closer home, most recently our Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee draped herself in colours of White and Blue Saree in Vatican City to attend Mother Teresa’s canonization. The most common factor amongst all these is the proud proclamation of the attitude they wear.

It is their bold fashion.

Talking about bold fashion, everyone describes Indian fashion industry as nascent in comparison to the circle of global fashion industry.

No other fashion industry in the world designs clothes so vibrantly and colourfully as Indian designers do. Whether it is a saree, or a salwar kameez or for that matter a dhoti or a sherwani worn by men, each piece of clothing reflects the rich heritage that India holds within. These clothing declares true Indianess and attracts people residing outside the subcontinent.

Today people in India and the Indians residing outside the sub – continent, even the foreigners hope to look good by wearing Indian clothes to suit their occasions and moods. And, these days internet has assisted in promoting ethnic wears amongst Indians and the like – minds across the globe. And, thus accessibility to these super – fashionable products with a combination of classic craftsmanship, textile and colours are easily available amongst Indians in India and across the globe, thereby glorifying Indian culture, tradition and festival in several ways.


Aditi has a wide knowledge on Indian fashion and  tradition. Her academic background in Literature and Journalism has given her a broad base from which she has approached many topics on traditional and modern trends on Indian fashion. She has professionally described about modern fashionable apparels,especially designer sarees through her blogs and articles.

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