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Choobi-Choobi now at SM City Baliwag

If you are looking for great Filipino cuisine that is sure fresh, organic and delicious then why not visit Choobi-Choobi at SM City Baliwag.  This restaurant owned by Stan Tan Chan serves shrimps directly from their farm.  All the recipe here are authentic and prepared with the customers and God in mind.  It is their 21st branch.

Choobi-Choobi which means Happy-Happy is a restaurant chain which aims to give happiness to families and friends.  It aims to create a place where people can be happy while eating.  Judging from how the food is really delicious, I would say everyone would be happy.

SM City Baliwag branch

Currently Choobi-Choobi at SM City Baliwag is on soft opening until October 16 where they would have their grand opening.  You can order great tasting food which is authentic delicacy of Cebu and the Visayas.

We were served some of their menu and we are indeed very happy to be part of their soft opening.  The restaurant can be found at the SM City Baliwag expansion.

Choobi-Choobi Initial Food Review

Shrimp in a Bag.  Experience tasty shrimps placed in a bag together with corn and special flavors of your choice.  You can choose from butter garlic, sauted in garlic, spicy coconut milk or whole choobang.  I would say that the flavoring of this one is really great.  You can even enjoy the flavor on rice even without the shrimp.

Pork Barbecue (Php30/stick).  I would commend that this one is very tasty.  The flavor of the barbecue can be savored not like ordinary barbecue where you can taste some charcoal.  This one is superb.

Cha Tao Mio (Php195).  This are stir fried snow pea sprouts.  The taste is a it funny but I really like it.  If you want to enjoy this one you can pair it with rice and it would be a match made in heaven.  I am just wondering a bit since it seems it is a bit oily.  I don't know but seems like a bit pricey for me.

Pancit Canton (Php160).  The taste is good also although the presentation makes it look like a bit bland.  A single serving is already good for 2-3 persons.

Stan's Fried Black Pepper Shrimp (Php440).  1 pound of fresh shrimps in Stan's original black pepper sauce.  This is the star of all the food for me.  The shrimps are so crispy and you can eat almost all of them.  The sauce is also full of flavor.

Lola Pepang's Fried Manok (Php195 half and Php345 whole).  This is also another good one.  This fried chicken does away with the usual breading and instead uses something else to fried it perhaps less breading and pure oil.  Although I would say it is a bit salty but I like it.

Choobi Pata (Php445 M and Php 465 L).  Crispy pata that is crispy on the outside but is soft and juicy in the inside.  Yes, they have proven that and the crispiness is 99%.  I had never tried a crispy pata that is as good as this one.

Choobi-Choobi SM City Baliwag Opening

Dedication of Choobi-Choobi SM Baliwag.  Seen at the photo is the owner, Stan Tan Chan at the center in Red.  Mayor Ferdie Estrella of Baliwag is the one in blue.

We were very delighted to see some personalities during the event including Baliwag Mayor Ferdie Estrella and members of the Municipal Council.  Staff from SM City Baliwag was also present.  The dedication of the place was also unique, lively but very solemn.

Congratulations indeed to all the staff and the owner.

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We are inviting you to check out Choobi-Choobi at SM City Baliwag and enjoy great food.  Check out the menu below:

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