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Calbee Wasabi Flavor Chips Review

Product Review:  Calbee Wasabi Flavor Chips. Jack 'N Jill's famous international brand Calbee is surely making new improvements and flavors into this product line.  Their newest offering is the Wasabi Flavor Chips.  Yes, you read that right - WASABI FLAVOR.

How chili is this chips?  Well, it is quite tongue tingling and really has that cut into the your taste bud.  If you are not really into this, you should really be surprised by how it really tastes like Wasabi.

During my first try of Calbee Wasabi Flavor chips I had a very hard time eating it.  During the second time I really enjoyed it but guess what happened?  Well, I suffered from LBM for two days.  It is not because the product is expired or bad but my stomache simply cannot take too much Wasabi.

This product is pretty good and I would recommend it to those who want to taste Wasabi.  Of course eating and tasting the real authentic Wasabi is better.  I love it but not too much.

Calbee Wasabi Potato Chips is an ideal partner for beer, whiskey and Vodka.  So if you plan on drinking then you might as well buy one.

Have you tried Calbee Wasabi Flavor Chips?  What can you say about it?

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