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Discover Unique Food Adventure at Habanero Kitchen Bar

We ere invited by a friend to review a resto-bar and my first impression was, I will be reviewing a place where there is loud music and lots of people drinking beer.  So, I went to discover Habanero Kitchen Bar at Cubao Expo and I was in for a big surprise because it was not like any other bar that I had been into so far.

Habanero Kitchen Bar offers a very unique ambiance for their guests.  Located at a very "eye-catching" and "retro" place - Cubao Expo - this bar had definitely captured a place and a target market where its innovative menu and drinks finds a place to thrive.

Let us disover some of the unique food and drinks that was offered to us during our unique food adventure at Habanero:

  • Lengua Spring Roll  (Ph250).  This is not your ordinary spring roll and I tell you that as someone who usually eats spring rolls.  This is crunchy and not just flour.  It is also full inside that you will want more and more and more.  Truly superb.

  • Oyster Sisig (Php280).  This is probably the best ever sisig that I have tasted.  Usually sisig has the same taste even though they have different ingredients however the one from Habanero is totally different.  You can taste the oyster plus the mild chili flavor in it.

  • Mussels Sisig Pizza (Php398).  A bit pricey yes but you would never regret buying it.   They also have a very unique sauce containing Habanero Rum which totally changes the flavor of the Pizza.  Simply amazing.

  • Habanero 3 Cheese Pizza (P448).  Forget the price because this is simply the best.  A pizza with the combination of 3 types of cheese cooked in Habanero Rum with very crunchy crust.  I love them really.

  • Mushroom Pasta with Habanero Rum (Php250).  A unique carbonara pasta that has Habanero rum in it.  It is not the usual carbonara where your taste buds will easily get bored.  It is in fact the first time I truly enjoyed carbonara.  It has Habanero rum in it so it's 2-in-1 technically, you eat and you get drunk.  Anyway, kidding aside rum naturally evaporates when heated leaving a flavor that is totally unique. 
Mushroom Pasta with Habanero Rum (This is not the actual serving)
What is Habanero and Habanero Rum/Vodka?

Well Habanero is a variety of chili pepper.  Unripe habaneros are green, and they color as they mature.  Meanwhile, Habanero Rum is the unique creation of the owners of the bar and blended into perfection to be savored by all.

They also sell their unique blend of Habanero Vodka so better check it out because you will definitely love it.

Well, of course a bar will not be a bar without liquors so I also tried some of their special offerings:
  • Cilantro Forzen Mojito (P140).  Enjoy the taste of Cilantro together with Habanero Rum mixed together in a blender.  It has a natural green color and the taste is really authentic.

  • Basil Frozzen Mojito (P140).  Flavored with basil with added Habanero Rum and voila an authentic Basil tasting mojito.  I like the flavor of this one since you will not feel that you are drinking although I am telling you that it has an after kick.

  • X Bomb 5 Bursting Shots (P250).  It is really a bomb.  It looks as if it is an ordinary candy but when you put it in your tongue it will suddenly explore and leave the flavor in your mouth.  Shocking at first but totally refreshing.  Really authentic and recommended to try.

I am a bit drunk nearing the end of my unique food adventure at Habanero Kitchen Bar but then I got curious about their Smoked Rum Coke (P140) and how it is done.  They told me that they put a rum which I normally would not go for but I let them do it.  After the process I was suprised with the flavor because it actually tastes like a rum aged in Oak barrels.  Anyway here is a quick video for everyone.

Anyway here is a quick video for everyone on how they make their Smoked Rum Coke.

Generally speaking I highly recommend that you visit Habanero Kitchen Bar located at Cubao Expo.  Cubao Expo is just near the old COD which is now SM Savemore.  You will never ever be sorry for visiting it.

I would also like to thanks Mr. Alvin Reyes of Cherry Credits PH for recommending us to the owner and of course to the very kind owners, Ryan Patrick Dimapilis and Pia Habalo Dimapilis.  Congrats on putting up a great place!

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I would definitely be back at Habanero Kitchen Bar

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