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Best Bulalo in the Metro, Bullchef The Bulalo Chef

This is probably the third time that we had visited Bullchef, The Bulalo Chef and whenever we visit Chef Jeremy in this awesome restaurant he always amazes us with his new and upgraded menu.  This is probably I would definitely make this the best bulalo restaurant in Metro Manila and probably in the Philippines.  What's new at Bullchef?  Check this out...

Our first visit to Bullchef was during a Zomato foodie meetup and then we were invited again during its 4th Anniversary.

Chef Jeremiah Mateo, is never complacent about his menu.  He always try to improve it and change it based on the feedback and suggestion of their customers.  Perhaps this is why Bullchef had always been successful in this industry.  Let's take a look.

SISIG na, may NACHO PA! (Php199).  Nacho Tacos with onion, tomato, bulalo sisig and cheese, drizzled with house dressing and cheese sauce.  This is always a very good started, something that will really prove to you that from the beginning you are eating good food.  Their new version is even tastier and more appealing to the Pinoy taste.

Mayon BullTATO! (Php155).  French fries topped with cheese sauce, yummy right.  The name itself is very appealing and the mixture of cheese and fries is beyond ordinary.  This is even better than your favorite fries at that fastfood chain.

honey ko chickBULL (Php188 / P160 solo).  3pcs Fried chicken dipped into Butter Honey Calamansi sause servced with Buttered vegetables. Garlic Rice and Bulalo Soup.  I have never tasted a chicken that is so perfect with garlic rice and mind you their garlic rice is beyond awesome.  I advice you to try this out.

Don't forget to also check out their ULTIMATE asimBULL (Php669) which is bulalo sinigang with 200grams of bulalo meat, ligament in bones with kangkong, radish, and 3 pcs bone marrow (damn that was super delicious)in hot bulalo soup and served with 3 plain rice.  This is already good for 2-3 persons and you will never regret it.

Plus this is YOUR ULTIMATE TREAT this month.  Bullchef will be giving UNLIMITED T-BONE STEAK, yes you heard me right it's unlimited together with UNLIMITED RICE AND ICE TEA.  Their T-Bone Steak is simply delicious and soaked in delicious gravy.  How much?  That's only for Php399.  It will just be for 3 days though, on November 27,28 and 29.

What else did we manage to get ahold of in our latest visit to Bullchef?
  • Healthy Malunggay mix ice-tea.  You should try this out and even take it home with you.  Very refreshing and very healthy.

  • Chocolate moose.  They always have a dessert of the week and they are always a good choice.  I love the chocolate moose since it is not too sweet.

Even if we have not tried it this time never ever miss their ULTIMATE BULLCHEF SPECIAL (Php629) good for 3-5 persons.  It's their signature dish and is a classic bulalo special with 200grams of bulalo meat, ligaments in bone with corn cub, pechay baguio, baguio beans and 3pcs bone marrow in hot bulalo soup serve with 3 plain rice.  Upon ordering this there is a surprise for you.

By the way they also serve TEA and COFFEE.

Are we the only once saying that Bullchef is one of the best restaurants in Metro Manila?  Well, definitely not, check out some of the photos and testimonials that you can see on the place itself which includes people like Vic Sotto, Enrique Gil, Ogie Diaz, Epay Herher of That's My Tomboy, Ogie Diaz, Freestyle OPM Rock Band, and more.

We would like to thank once again Chef Jeremiah Mateo for accomodating us.  It is indeed always 2 thumbs up and a five star rating for Bullchef, the Bulalo Chef.  Truly for us they are the best bulalo restaurant in the Metro.

They are also the most thoughtful bunch of people as they remember that it was Ranne's birthday as well.  We were both surprised.

Before leaving also check out their new menu with lots of things to try out.

Thanks for reading and I hope you will enjoy Bullchef as we enjoyed it.  Do follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as well, just look for Bullchef.

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