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Are you a victim of Kata Mobile?

Are you a victim of Kata Mobile?  We have experienced first hand and had receive various complaints regarding the mobile phones released by Kata Philippines.  There was even a case where one of our friends a dozen units of Kata M3 only to find out that all of the units were defective within just a week.

We also bought 2 units of Kata F1S and both phones experienced the same problem.  After nearly 6-8 months of usage the screen will develop white lines which we do not know what the cause is.  Another problem of the Kata F1S is the fact that its battery gets easily bloated plus replacement batteries are rare to find.

After realizing some of these problems we created a Kata Mobile Phone Blog Review and then other people started telling their bad experience as well.

Have you experienced bad warranty service from Kata?  Well, we have heard first hand that despite the warranty they provide Kata Philippines would charge warranty holders with various amounts before they would repair the phone and once repaired it would be broken again and again.

What is the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) doing about this?  I think that there should be an action taken against Kata for their deliberately low quality product and deception to consumers.

Are you a victim of Kata Mobile Philippines as well?  Share us your story.

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  1. I happened to like Kata 'before.'

    I handle it with care, use it with care and even install less app for it. But just this week while I was texting someone, the screen went blurry and white lines started to form. I was really shocked and what I did is to turn the phone off for a while. After I on it again, the screen lines where still there. My friend told me 'maybe you keep it in your pocket.' I told her I keep it on my bag's mini pouch to prevent it from the heavy things I have inside my bag. I was very disappointed. I will try to consult the service center of Kata since my phone is still under the warranty but another friend told me, 'they will ask you to pay even its still in warranty.' Well I do hope its not true...

  2. Here I am on the way cheated by kata too? 2 weeks ago I bought Kata ì3 Lte kata kiosk SMclark. After 2 weeks missing line on the display. Seller told me drive 35km to service center and drop your phone...what�� not USA. .? I said here i bought it here is my warranty place. The seller dropped it same evening. Later at home i send email to katadigital in usa. Emanuelle Orajay
    Customer Service mentioned that no repair possible because out of stock ì3 and parts. Jenny Lou Orias Customer Service like to re-verify my ì3. I've send receipt and information about my purchase. 2th email of Jenny that I should drop my i3Lte because this they can/like/maybe repair. I told her in the email before that it has been dropped already 5 days ago! But in all email one hint...no warranty if has dents and and and. How they know it has? Standart answer? 3-4 weeks to clarify what cause the defect of my 5000p kata i3lte? In the receipt is written i3l and not Lte! Instead to inform me about the process of my unit just useless email and on the top not even recognized the information I've given! This is disgusting. I guess the headquarter katadigital in usa not even knows about what Kata Phill is doing or doesn't want to do!why?

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