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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Kata Mobile Phone Review: Are they Good or Bad?

Kata is one of the emerging new brand in the mobile phone industry and are projecting themselves as a better brand compared to their local competitors like MyPhone and Cherry Mobile, and they somehow successfully did that.  Now let's go to my Kata Mobile Phone Review:  Are they Good or Bad?
Imagine for the price of P4,499 my Kata F1S has the following features:
  • 3.5" qHD Display
  • Adroid Kit Kat 4.4
  • 1.3Ghz QUad Core Processor
  • 8MP Rear and 5MP front camera
  • Dual Sim
  • 1Gb RAM
  • 8GB internal storage
I bought my Kata phone last December 2014 upon the recommendation of a friend.  I saw the phone and it seems the features were really cool, the camera was fine and it was fast plus it comes with a free battery.

When I bought the phone at SM Megamall Cyberzone it as at a price of 4,000 only and it comes with an extra battery.  I was contented but I did not receive my free battery because they said that it was out of stock and also, I was left confused of where can you find the total phone storage of 8Gig since it only shows 4Gig.

What happened after that to my Kata phone?
  • I have used it until June 2015 and then passed it on to my son.
  • I went several times to get the free battery but they were always out of stock.
  • My Kata Mobile Phone suddenly broke and there were white lines appearing on the screen.
  • Kata F1S, the model of my Kata Phone keeps on overheating when playing games and you have to remove the battery because it turns really hot.
  • Battery life was very limited.
  • Front camera was bad and back camera cannot even take descent photos when it is night time even when you use the flash.
  • Video quality of the phone is good though.
Just this month, my friend told me that her Kata F1S battery got bloated, so I decided once more to get my free battery from Kata SM Megamall Cyberzone.  Can you guess what happened?  Well, they said THERE WAS NO BATTERY ON STOCK AT THEIR STORE AND EVEN IN ALL KATA STORES NATIONWIDE.  Can you believe that?

After postng my frustration on Facebook, I found out that I am not the only one which hass a problem with Kata:

Basically we can summarize Kata mobile phones problem as:
  • Battery gets easily bloated.
  • Their stock of spare parts, battery and replacement is not readily available.
  • There are items being sold which are defective.
  • Kata after sales is bad.
By the way I reported this to Kata Philippines as well and here is what they have to say:

 In the end nothing happened.

I hope that Kata Philippines can make their service better since it is really frustrating when good and positive things turns out to be bad and negative.

Do you have any similar experience wwith your Kata phones?  What did you do and how did it go?

We have more bad experience from Kata showing up from our friends...

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  4. I bought my Kata phone in one of its outlets in Singapore, I bought 2 phones in one day. In less than 5months, one died suddenly and unable to on again. When brought back to the outlet they said its human error due to overcharging and I have to pay 100sgd to be able to fix it. I was just wondering is it a human error when the phone suddenly turned off then unable to charge again and the cause is overcharging, when on the first place it wasn't charging at all. And now they keep on asking me to pay it, or else everyday I have to pay 2dollars extra fee for the delayed payment. The second phone in less than 6months the charger is no longer working, I used the Samsung charger to charge the phone, I didn't brought it to the outlet anymore as I was thinking they will just gave me same reason as human error.

  5. And yet, coming up on four months with my Kata C-3 and I love it.
    It hold a charge and charges quickly when needed. Good cameras. Good sound. Comfortablein the hand.
    My only complain?
    I'd have paid extra for gorilla glass protection on the front.

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