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Food Review: Chef’s Patrick Kitchen at UE Caloocan

It was one rainy afternoon when The Products Blog was invited for a review of Chef’s Patrick Kitchen located near University of the East (UE) Caloocan.  When we arrived there was a big party happening at the ground floor, around 130 people were in party I think.  We almost entered but we were told by the guard that there was a special presentation upstairs.

I would admit when I saw that they were serving Chinese food, I reserved my expectation because some of my experience with such food are really dry and not very high on seasoning.  I enjoyed some but for most it was not something I would love to eat.  This experience however would change my view.

Chef Patrick’s Kitchens dimsum were really excellent specially their regular siomai and Japanese Siomai.  Probably one of the best that I had ever encountered.  You can eat them even without dipping in soy sause and you will love it.

Although I would admit that the taste of Chef Pat’s Hot and Sour Soup is a bit funny for me, I would also admit that this is the rare occasion where I happen to sip it to the last drop.  You can really say that it is sour yet you will enjoy every sip.

We enjoyed the food together with their Yangchow Fried Rice which I would say is a bit bland.  I was used to types of rice like this which can stand on its own but this one maybe has toppings in it and is indeed Yangchow but I prefer a more tasty version.

Here are other food that Chef Patrick’s Kitchen gladly served us:

Fried Chicken.  This is really good even without gravy or any sauce.  I can eat one whole chicken.  Even better than Chooks-to-Go and comparable to Max’s I think.

Chef Pat’s Pancit Canton is probably the best tasting food presented to us.  I was blown away by the mixture of flavor than runs down my taste buds.  Good job!

Cauliflower with Garlic.  One of the good dishes with cauliflower though I am not a fan of this dish I would say it’s not bad.

Chef Pat’s Patatim with Cuapao.  This dish is perhaps one of the most misunderstood food by many.  The first time I encounter such I ate the Patatim together with rice little did I know that it should go with the Cuapao.  What made me smile with their version is the fact that their Cuapao are bite sizes which makes it easier to fill in and then consume it.  So how do you eat this?  Get the Cuapao, slice it in the middle, fill it with Patatim and then eat it… simple as that.

After all that eating marathon, we enjoyed our dessert – Mango Panacota and Buko Pandan.  I really love the Mango Panacota, well in all my food review I always choose that dessert anyway and this one is one of the best as well.

Check Patrick’s Kitchen changed my view about Chinese food and restaurant.  It makes me think that sometimes food preparation depends really on the restaurant and since I am not Chinese, I do have a different taste.  Kudos to Chef Pat’s Kitchen for doing a good job.

If you want to experience this treasured find of The Products Blog go visit them ar 263 UE Tech St., University Hills Subd., Caloocan City or at their Balut Branch at 2293 Rodriguez St., Balut, Tondo, Manila.

Students can also have great value meals and enjoy the same quality food from them.  Food prices ranges from P80 and below.  If you do need packed lunches for your events or your office they also offer them at reasonable prices starting at P90 per person for a minimum of 50 persons.  All pack lunch includes an 8oz Iced Tea.

Contact Details:

UE BRANCH:  PLDT – 361 0493  |  SUN DUO – 208 3383

BALUT BRANCH:  PLDT – 522 3425  |  GLOBELINES – 239 1885

FOR CATERING:  PLDT – 361 0493  |  GLOBELINES – 239 1885  |  SUN DUO - 208 3383  |  SUN – 0922 878 0002 and 0922 878 0003.  Please look for Mr. Arnold.

By the way they also accept functions, events and catering.  Watch out for my catering feature of Chef's Patrick Kitchen soon.

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