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Food Review: Taste of Capitol in Tomas Morato

Taste of Capitol is a new restaurant in Tomas Morato along Scout Delgado and it brings along a taste that was formerly enjoyed by those living in Kapitolyo, Pasig City.  The Products Blog was invited there together with other bloggers to grace its launching and formal opening.

Ambiance wise and settings wise, Taste of Capitol is something very different and very heartwarming.  Imagine eating in a restaurant where every table is adorned with original and unique art work hand painted by a very promising artist. The walls were also presented with various art works.  In the second floor you can see an art work which depicts the Statue of Liberty.
I was not able to note all the names of the food that was served to us but I would say each and every one of them had a very unique and good taste. I have done many reviews but in this restaurant I did appreciate their food preparation.
Their tacos and burritos were authentic Mexican although it could have been more spicy.  The saltiness of Mexican Tacos was well experienced which might turn off some Pinoys who loves a bit of sweetness and less saltiness.

Taste of Capitols, "Sausage Sisig," I hope I got that correctly was the one I love the most.  It can be complimented by rice although this one is better served as a "pulutan" or a dish that comes along with liquor.

Another personal favorite is their Baby Back Ribs.  It was so juicy and tender.  If we were not served a lot of other meals I could have consumed two.  Simply so appetizing and delicious.

Their cocktails were truly amazing and I have tried their TOC Special which come with rhum, milk, chocolate and coffee.  I love the taste, though it is a bit strong you would love it.  There's also "S*x in the Jungle" and "Adios Mother F**k*r" which are good as well, though I would say the jungle one is better.  They also have a "very big" mojito placed in a mason jar, that was really too big and at its price, I can say it is worth it.

I missed tasting the Halu-Halo though and I hope I can come back to taste it since they say this one is better than Razons, and that remains to be judged.  Taste of Capitol Ice Cream was good as well.  Plus before I forgot, their Flavored Beer was awesome.  At P150 per glass, it is affordable and you would love it till the last sip.

We would like to thank the management of Taste of Capitol and Karl Legaspi for inviting us to do a review of this brand new restaurant in the heart of Tomas Morato in Quezon City.

Here are more photos from this wonderful experience at Taste of Capitol.  Do visit the place.

For more information please visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/tasteofcapitol.

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