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Food Review: The Frazzled Cook reincarnates at Tomas Morato

Can a restaurant reincarnate and bounce back?  Perhaps this is the question asked by those who knew The Frazzled Cook before.  A restaurant that was previously situated in San Juan is now back in its new home at Scout Gandia in Tomas Morato and with it a promise of a new beginning.

Good food was not a problem with The Frazzled Cook before, in fact they have plenty of customers and each of those who visited them had only good things to say.  It was the location, however that lead them to call it quits since people are not finding them and they become a puzzle to foodies.

Fast forward today, The Frazzled Cook had re-opened in a new location that is accessible, with wide parking and is at the center of the food and night life in Quezon City, Tomas Morato.  Their fundamental problem was now solved and thanks to the positive perseverance of 23-yar-old fashion student Jerrrinah Cheng who convinced her previous partners to reunite once again.

The restaurant is now under the management of four families, the LeeChoaChengCo Inc. and they are making sure that TFC's main ingredient lives on.  I have not noticed it when I was in the restaurant but when you look at the photos you will see that the chairs were mismatched and it was different but at the same time very cool.  

It has a different ambiance, it was not a kind of restaurant that goes with the flow but rather it creates its own impression.  Instead of having just one lucky cat this one has tons of them.  There were also paintings and some mementos that adorn the house.

I was also awed by the Hello Kitty set of spoon, fork and knife and thanks to them, I was able to take home a travel set which I gave to my daughter.

We were able to have a taste of a set of food that was being offered at The Frazzled Cook and among these, what I really like the most was the Truffle Pasta.  It was not a very oily nor a saucy pasta but the combination of taste was excellent.

Here are the set of food that we enjoyed during the opening of The Frazzled Cook:
  • Squash Soup - it is the first time I tried a squash soap and I would say that it is good enough though I am hoping for a more vivid taste of the squash.

  • Herbed Chicken Salad - I like it however, I am looking forward to more sauce in this salad for it rather comes dry.

  • Grilled Salmon with Mango Salsa - The combination was really good though I was hoping that it will be more tasty than what I experience.

  • On Top of Seafood Paella Rice - I kinda missed this since I went out to take some photos.  I asked my fellow bloggers and they say it was really good and a must try.
  • Barbecue Shortribs - I like mashed potatoes so I like this.  The shortribs was also very tender.
  • Crepe Cake - It was good but I simply do not prefer this dessert.

I am wondering if the taste of some of the food that was served to us was really authentic since by breaking it into various service and being prepared well in advance some of the actual good taste could have diminished.  I hope to visit again and taste it when it was all hot.

If you love beer then please try their Kettle Beer, you will love it.

Chef Jennilyn Dy Siong, the former souc chef of the first Frazzled Cook was now the head chef.  She is ensuring that good old dishes remain authentic.  Some of these dishes that will be worth trying are:
  • garlicky Wagyu Salpicao
  • thick-crust Pizza Capresse with raw, fresh toppings  and garlic oil drizzled on top
  • Pancake a la Mode
Besides the old time favorites above, they have added some new items in the menu including Tomato Cream Pasta, Cheese Logs, Stuffed Jalapeno, and Spiced Tanigue.  I would try that Spiced Tanigue next time... yum!

Here are the actual servings of what was served to us during the grand opening:

What sets The Frazzled Cook apart from others?
  • The food here are all home-cooked style Western-Italian menu
  • It has a very cozy ambiance with mismatched chairs, dim lighting,a nd quirky decors collected from around the world.
I am sure that people will love this new location for the restaurant that even the stars love to eat.  We have spotted stars like Glyza de Castro, Ramon Christopher, Lorna Tolentino, Ara Mina, and even Councilor Shalani Soledad and Congressman Roman Romula.  Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte did the ribbon cutting.

I also spotted Zomato PH and it was the first time I saw Karl Legazpi doing a very formal hosting which I was not used to since he is always the funny man and host of foodie meetups.

The Frazzled Cook is located along Scout Gandia in Tomas Morato,  For more information you can visit their Facebook page.

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