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Food Review: Karnitas Korner, a rare find at Kapitolyo Pasig

"ANYversary," was the tagline of Karnitas Korner, a simple yet oozing restaurant located at Kapitolyo in Pasig City.  It was right inside a common neighborhood and yet many people visit it just to enjoy their unique menu.

We were personally invited by Karnitas Korner to their ANYversay last April 15, 2015 and with that we also have the chance to taste and experience their great food.  It was one late afternoon where our bellies would be filled to the fullest from appetizers, main course and their signature desserts.

Karnitas Korner is neither Mexican nor Filipino but it is for me an entirely unique dining.  You can have a fun time with your friends, your co-workers or just someone special to you and call it very special while enjoying their affordable and great tasting food.

So what is Karnitas Korner?  Called a concept restaurant, a porchetta joint or even a hole-in-the-wall, Karnitas Korner was established to be a go-to place where people can enjoy gourmet dish and porchetta in a casual dining setup.

Karntas Corner's Porchetta
There is yet to be a porchetta restaurant in Metro Manila and Karnitas Korner offers this (even for same day order of whole porchetta) with gourmet ciabatta sandwiches (one of it is Porchetta Sandwich) and other gourmet dishes. 

Porchetta is the main ingredient in almost all of the offerings of this food venue.  What then is Porchetta?  Porchetta (pronounced as por’ketta) is a savory, fatty, and moist boneless roast pork.  Rooting from Italian culinary tradition where the pork loin is arranged carefully with layers of stuffing- meat, fat, crispy skin and garlic, rosemary, fennel, or other herbs, it is then rolled and roasted, traditionally over wood. 

You can experience their enticing tacos, burrritos, burgers and rice wit their own brand of lechon.  It is in someway a guilty pleasure since I do know that calorie wise consuming a lot of their food would mean additional calories but of course this is a food review so I have to get a hold of everything.

I do have some issues with their burgers since for me it seems that the bread is a bit hard to bite and does not come along with the filling inside.  I would have preferred a soften bun that would make the experience a bit more focus on what's inside rather than on the bread itself.  Yet, I had been thinking could it be that the burger was over exposed to air causing the bun to dry up?  Hmmmm...

The juices were good including the lemon grass and their home blend ice tea.  Their home blend ice tea was indeed something very unique in taste and flavor, something I would say that is far better than most ice teas you drink at other restaurants.

My favorite includes, Braised Pulled Beef Short Ribs (mouthwatering slow-cooked pulled beef) and Poutine (fries, homemade cheese sauce, gravy, jalapenos, and sweet longganisa.).  

Karnitas Corner's Poutine

Karnitas Corner's Braised Pulled Beef Short Ribs
We were also lucky to have met and took a photo together with Ogie Alcasid who seems to be a very good friend of the owner.  Ogie also went to eat and celebrate with Karnitas Korner and he stayed all throughout until the end.

The luck does not end there as I was also selected to be the top prize winner of a full meal for four (lunch or dinner) at Karnitas Korner.  Wow, that means I will indeed experience the great food at Karnitas with their complete set of meals.  Lucky me!

By the way they do have a promo until June 30, 2015 so better hurry and visit them.  The #ANYversary Promo began in February 2015 before Karnitas Korner opened its doors last March 12.  Here are the mechanics:  
  • Take a photo of your #ANYversary and upload on your Facebook or Instagram accounts
  • Tell us about your #ANYversary with the hashtags #ANYversary and #KarnitasKorner
  • Tag at least four friends and get a chance to win 20% discount vouchers and free meal at the Korner
Here are the menu of Karnitas Korner and some other meals which you want to try...

If you are planning to visit this awesome place, here is a location map of Karnitas Korner.  The place is just near Caltex and at Pioneer St.  

If you have visited Karnitas Korner do comment your experience here.  Thanks for reading once more.

Before I forgot, don't forget to visit Karnitas Korner at Zomato and send in your reviews and photos..

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