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Monday, May 11, 2015

ASUS Preview: ROG GR8 Gaming Console PC

Talk about computers getting smaller and smaller, now comes something very exciting from Asus, the Republic of Gamers (ROG) GR8 Gaming Console PC.  It is a slim, sleek and awesome design console PC that will let you play hardcore games and even bring your device and games to your friend or your clan.

Asus ROG GR8 boasts of an Intel i7 processor with 8Gb of RAM and 1Tb HDD.  Its graphics is powered by NVIDIA® GeForce® 750Ti graphic, which means Full HD gaming.  It has ultra compact 2.5-liter form factor – ideal for the living room, bedroom, or to take to LAN parties.  This means that you have a very powerful gaming PC that is even powerful than your desktop but it is not bulky so you can take it anywhere.

What makes the ROG GR8 Gaming Console PC even more exciting is that it includes Asus' own technology of GameFirst III, which allows for lag-free online gaming plus the Intel Ethernet built in.  For those who love gamecasting you will enjoy this since it comes with a built-in Miracast receiver and dual-band 802.11 ac Wi-Fi with a powerful soundgear - upremeFX audio.

During the launching of the product which coincided with other mini-pc brands such as the ASUS Chromebox, Asus Vivo PC and ASUS Vivo Mini, we were also surprised with its silence.  The ROG GR8 has a very powerful heat and energy management system which allows it to operate at a noise of only 20dB at idle with only around 20dB of sound at full capacity.

Maximizing your ultimate gaming experience is the bundling of the GR8 with pro gamer-grade Gladius mouse and M801 mechanical keyboard.   That's not all, ROG GR8 features special slide-off covers for easy access to the additional 2.5-inch HDD/SSD storage extension bay and SO-DIMM memory slots for quick upgrades.

How much is the Asus ROG GR8?  Well it is priced at P57,990, which I think is pretty reasonable.  I am in fact planning to buy this one if I would have the money to do so.  This is the first time that I am actually pretty impressed with a gaming console.  It is a PC yet it is a desktop and very mobile.

What's more the Asus ROG GR8 comes with more support from Asus including AI Suite III, Kaspersky® Anti-Virus (1-year full license), DTS Connect for getting the most out of your audio, 100GB of ASUS WebStorage space free for an entire year, so you can share your files anywhere, anytime., ASUS HomeCloud lets you access ROG GR8 remotely to stream multimedia content or manage files anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection, and a USB Charger on the front USB port lets you charge devices twice as fast, even with the PC off or in hibernate mode.

This is indeed simply amazing.  What can you say dear readers and gamers?  Any comment?  If anyone is already using this mammoth gaming console PC do share us your review and experience as well.

More information and features of the Asus ROG GR8 at this link.

Thanks for reading!

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