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Food Review: Live Mas at Taco Bell Gateway

Taco Bell Philippines is going for an all new branding this year through its LIVE MAS campaign.  At first I thought that is was something related to Christmas and it was an ad that had not been removed due to renovation but it was not.  Live Mas has somthing to do with the more unique, welcoming and festive ambiance of Taco Bell Gateway.

Taco Bell at the ground flood of Gateway Mall is perhaps one of the first branches of Taco Bell in Cubao.  I am witness to its grand opening years ago and then again I am witness to its soft launching as it turns the light on to the once dim concept of Taco Bell stores.

Taco Bell Gateway now also gives an open kitchen so that customers will see how the great Tacos and other crispy Mexican food are prepared and made ready for them.  Each order at Taco Bell is indeed generous servings and good for at least 2 people.  The price is also very affordable.

One of the managers of the branch is also a former staff of Dairy Queen thus we experience some new twist which combines the DQ concept and Taco Bell and the result is a very sweet food that I really enjoyed.

Taco Bell rice meal is also very affordable.  Each meal costs only P139 and comes with a free drink already.  The serving of the rice meal is indeed very generous and will make your belly full at once.

I also tried their Cheese and Beef Quesadilla and it is indeed heavy in the tummy.  I cannot imagine that I have eaten a meal good for 4 people but what can I do, I have to taste it so that I can tell you how great these Taco Bell food are.

Besides the food Taco Bell also opens it restaurant to young professionals and students.  Most of the table have sockets so that you can use your laptop or electronic devices while you dine inside.  I just hope that people will really order a decent amount of food and stay at a reasonable amount of tume because places like this tend to be open to abuse as well.

So, if you are within the vicinity of Cubao and near Gateway Mall don't forget to visit Taco Bell at the ground floor of Gateway Mall Cubao.  I would really bet on it that you will never be sorry for the money that you will use to buy and taste their very appetizing meals.

You can check them out as well at Zomato or on Facebook.

Remember to share with us your experience at Taco Bell Gateway by commenting on this post.  We would love to read it as well.

Thanks for reading.

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