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Victoria Court Pasig City: The VC Experience

How much would you spend for an overnight stay with someone you love in order to experience that ultimate night with him or her?  For some couples affordability was the number one consideration, yet for some they are looking for quality and sophistication.  Victoria Court combines both of that in order to deliver their very own VC Experience.

I had been to Victoria Court Pasig twice and both of my experience there was indeed memorable and worthwhile.  Their premium room is prices at P1,200+ for 12 hours.  This is a regular ongoing price regardless of what day of the week it is.  Compared to competitors on weekdays this might be a bit pricey and on weekends this is more affordable.

The first room that I had been to is very spacious for that price.  It is even larger than the apartment that I am living in.  It contains a revolving television with top of the line furniture and fixtures.  There was even a place to sit on at the shower room but personally it would have been better if it was not there since it just makes it smaller.  Despite of that minimal thing, the design was commendable. We really enjoyed the stay.


The second time I visited Victoria Court was during Valentines Day.  I would like to commend them as well since on special occasions like this or perhaps at your request, you can reserve in advance and also have some romantic arrangement with them.

This room might be smaller than the first one and a bit classy though I would say it comes with the usual Valentines atmosphere.  A free Spanish Breakfast, good for 2 persons was also given since it comes free with 12-hour and 24-hour stay.  

The free Spanish Breakfast can be Spanish Beef Paprika, Beef Paprika Burger or Shrimps and Chorizo Cheese Melt plus you can choose from brewed coffee, hot choco or iced tea to come with it.

Free Spanish Breakfast with Hot Choco

Here we also enjoyed the hot choco with Churos from Pan de Manila
Victoria Court in Pasig City is indeed a place to visit and stay.  It is not only recommended for overnight stay but also for various occasions.  Besides what I had presented here and personally experienced, they also offer a lot of themed rooms that can be used for parties and events.  There is even a Red Room of Pain from Fifty Shades of Grey available which well I hope to check out soon as well.

Have you been to Victoria Court Pasig or any Victoria Court?  Share us your experience.

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  1. It is good to know, they are already venturing to family markets, unlike before where Victoria's Court is regarded as a loves' hotel.

  2. I know someone who used to work for the company that owns and operates Victoria Court. They've been around for such a long time now. Nice to see they're marketing the place differently now.

  3. I agree with the others. It's great to see Victoria Court's transition into becoming a more wholesome place to stay in. :)