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Richmonde Hotel Ortigas brings a Dreamy White Christmas

It was my first time to actually be inside Richmonde Hotel Ortigas.  When we enter the hotel for the Tree Lighting Ceremony, I was amazed with the elegant lobby and also the Christmas setup.  It was rare for me to be invited in such a ceremony specially at a prestigious 4-star hotel like this.  This year, they call it - Richmonde Hotel Ortigas' "Dreamy White Christmas."

Upon arrival bloggers were welcomed with a quick tour of the facilities of Richmonde Hotel Ortigas.  We were also introduced to the Lobby Cafe were the famous "ensaymada" is usually bought.  This is their best seller and they usually make 100 pcs a day at least.

The Lobby Cafe is one of the main attraction in the hotel together with The Exchange Bar and Richmonde Cafe at the second floor of the hotel.

Christmas was one of the most celebrated events at Richmonde Hotel Ortigas.  This year the made sure that it would be something to be remembered.  The lobby of the hotel is adorned with a big Christmas Tree together with edible Gingerbread Houses, though it became less edible due to the glitters.  The smell and the aroma would always remind you that these are authentic breads.

2014 was also symbolic for the hotel since they are celebrating their 15th year anniversary.  In 1999 they were the new kids on the block and they do not know what to do and how to deal with challenges but now despite the rising competition they are all prepared for it.

After the tree lighting ceremony we were able to take the wonderful food offered by the Hotel.  Mind you that a buffet here only costs more than P500 and that comes with unlimited drinks and food already.

Pandesal and Queso-de-Bola was a hit for my taste.  It is the first time I tasted a Queso-de-Bola that well and did not crumble upon biting it.  The tuna was also great as well as the other dishes.  It was a heavy and sumptuous meal.

Dinner was served and after a while we were invited to taste the bread and pastries.  I like Fried Cinnamon Donuts the most because of the after taste feeling it gave me.  Other than that I would say everyhing was really good including the minty cake that they have... something that makes you feel you had your toothbrush after eating it.

Here's the Lobby Cafe 2014 Holiday Goodies Collection which you can order from them starting November 20, 2014 to January 6, 2015:  

- Breads

  • Christmas Cluster Bread - P180
  • Ube Macapuno Delight - P190
  • Pistachio Double Cream Cheese Bread - P210
  • Dark and White Choco Bread - P220
  • Salted Siwrl Bread (with Bacon and Cream Cheese) - P250
  • Chocolate Banana Pecan Bread - P385
- Cakes and Pastries
  • Holiday Fruit Cake 6" x 6" - P450
  • Oreao Mint Moose 6" - P550
  • Tutle Cheesecake 6" - P580
  • Nutty Fudge Square - P80
  • Fried Cinnamon Donut - P80
  • Holiday Donuts - P80
  • Craquelin Cream Puff - P80
  • Chocalate Cream Puff - P80
- Chocolates for Charity (for every purchase, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to C>R.I.B.S. Caritas and The Camillian Sister's Home for the Aged, to help their operation.)
  • Richmonde Christmas Chocolate Cake 4" - P170
  • Richmonde Christmas Chocolate Cake 6" - P520
  • Richmonde Christmas Chocolate Cake 8" - P650
  • Chocolate Lollipop, 1 pc - P25/pc
  • Chocolate Lollipop 6 pcs - P120/6 pcs.
- Cookies
  • Choco Chip Hazelnut Cookies - P220 for box of 7/ P35 per pc.
  • Chunky White Chocolate Cookies - P220 for box of 7/ P35 per pc.
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookies - P220 for box of 7/ P35 per pc.
- Richmonde's Signature Ensaymada
  • Plain - P110
  • Ube - P120
  • Salted Eg - P130
  • Quezo de Bola - P130
Orders for the above items may be made at Lobby Cafe sent via fax at (632) 638-8567 or email at [email protected].

We surely enjoy tasting the food at Richmonde Hotel Ortigas and I am sure that spending money for them this Christmas Season will not go to waste.  Enjoy Richmonde Hotel Ortigas and also enjoy great Christmas Holiday food celebration.

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