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Eagle Brand Medicated Oil brings wellness closer to Filipinos

Medicated oil had been one of the most useful products in any market.  It is a non-chemical solution to various sickness being an external analgesic and is widely used for the relief of munor aches and pain from headaches to stomach aches, flu symptoms, giddiness, fainting spells and even mosquito bites.  Just this month, one of the most popular brands, Eagle Brand Medicated oil is now in the Philippines.

Eagle Brand Medicated oil is one of the leading Singaporean products trusted for many generations across the world.  Identified for its uniquely "green" color, this brand is referred to in the market as the "Green Oil."

What's unique with this prouct is the fact that the natural green in the oil comes from chlorophyll pioneered by its creator, the late Wilhelm Hauffmann.  The brands identity is further made significant by its uniquely shaped Parisian triangular ascending glass bottle that is intricate in design.

United States had been the number one market for Eagle Brand Medicated Oil, with the product enjoying market leadership for 50 years.  The need for the healing and wellness capability of this green oil is signified by the production of about 13 million bottles a year and shipped globally.  People should not worry since this is approved by international organizations like the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Australia Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Locally, Eagle Brand Medicated Oil can now be purchased through supermarkets, Mercury Drug stores, and Chinese drug stores around Chinatown, prestigious outlets that are selective about the products they sell. 
 “We are constantly catering to meet the needs and demands of our consumers. That is why we placed a premium on research and development. We have recently developed products that include medicated balms, eucalyptus oil, muscle rubs, plasters, disinfectant sprays, and swipes, all against superficial aches and pains and soon, these will be offered in the Philippines in the near future,” - Mr Christopher Yeo, Managing Director of Borden Company Private Ltd.
Patronizing their brand is not only a means to generate income for Eagle Brand Medicated Oil's owners but also a way to help less fortunate people in the country.  The brand had been regularly conducting humanitarian programs geared to create better living conditions in various places in the Philippines.

“We see to it that we do not just spread the message of healing and wellness but extend an actual helping hand to the less fortunate so that they can lead a healthy lifestyle,” - Mr Christopher Yeo.

It is advisable to have an Eagle Brand Medicated Oil with you regularly and make it a "companion" in your family.  It can also be part of your office medicine cabinet or even medicine cabinet.  Health is wealth and this product provide just that.

You can purchase Eagle Brand Medicated Oil in 3 ml, 6 ml, and 24 ml bottles.  It is distributed locally by Delfi Marketing, Inc. Since they are introducing this brand to the Philippines you can contact them via hotline  9413592  to request for samples while stock lasts.

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