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Blogapalooza 2014, the happiest and biggest blogging event to date

Blogapalooza had been on my annual schedule since it started at Fully Booked.  Back then we were only more than a hundred bloggers with a handful of sponsor and booths cramped into a small space.  This year, Blogapalooza 2014 had set a new record and for me is the happiest and biggest blogging event to date.  With more than 700 bloggers and more than 70 booths and sponsors, its aim to be the ideal business to blogger event had been achieved.

Before I begin with how amazing Blogapalooza 2014 was, let me tell you about this amazing photo with Bogart The Explorer.  I managed to get a shot with him and when I look at the photo I was also surprised to see the reaction of When In Manila chief Vince Golangco.  Thus, it turn out to be one epic photo so I decided to make something out of it.

It is my third year to be part of Blogapalooza and as expected there were lots of giveaways and things to do.  There were also some dangerous games that I experience this year such as the challenge at the Zing Rewards booth where my finger went totally red due to their rubber band challenge and the Shurikens at Authority Hoodie (Ah!) were the shurikens went swinging by other people.  They were a bit dangerous but fun as well since I won a prize at Zing but failed to strike a balloon at Ah!.

I went through all the booths together with my blogger partner, dropper my calling cards and sign-up.  If there was a challenge or a game I sure did try it.  One game which I did enjoy was the "Cards Against Humanity" and I am planning to buy it soon.  At first, I am losing in the game and then when I found out the technique I did catch up and win the game.  This exciting game and more are available at The Game Library.

Chooks to Go was another exciting booth since they offer their cool game.  Dance and solve their puzzle and you will get an exciting prize, luckily we got the P250 off from foodpanda.  Well, that was one delicious chicken there.

Tons of prizes were also given away, unluckily though due to a mobile phone handicap, it was impossible to win since I cannot get shots at every booth and have to rely on my friend for the photos.  Acer gave away a cool smartphone, which I badly needed but well that's ok with me.

There was another exciting challenge at Zion Wi-Fi in which you have to search for the right key to unlock the lock.  This challenge is link to their campaign to give business clients free wifi and then empower businesses to utilize this to promote their products and brands.

I managed to get a new shirt from View Park Hotel in Tagaytay City since I was wearing the Blogapalooza 2013 shirt which they gave last year.  I wish that I could stay in that cozy and comforting hotel and enjoy the beauty of Tagaytay City.

Canon was also there and they were looking for bloggers to review their products.  I will surely sign-up for that since I am really an avid fan of Canon.  They also provided a free photo booth were every blogger could take their photo.

Thanks to Dr. Kong, I found out that I am severely flat footed and I need to make adjustments on my shoes.  I just wish that their shoes are a bit cheaper for me to afford them.  I never realized that I am suffering from that until I undergo their thorough examination, thanks to them!

Food was also not a problem at Blogapalooza 2014.  A food tasting which is already made us stomach full was provided through Niu by Vikings.  They offered a preview of their great ambiance and luxury dining at the 6th flood of SM Aura in Taguig.  It was a real value for money and an experience that will surely be unforgettable.

Completing the food galore, there was also free Pizaa from Yellow Cab and a mouth watering lasagna from House of Lasagna.

So did we won any prizes besides the freebies?  Well, Ranne from Ranneveryday and I won the "Pinoy Henyo" challenge by Delite Herbal Tea and we were given one box of their producct.  I almost missed guessing it since I said "Kris Aquino" when it was just 10 seconds remaining.  Yay!

I never got to enjoy the doughnut designing session at Krispy Kreme, but to our surprise my name was called and I won one dozen honey glazed doughnuts.  I bring that home and my kids totally enjoyed them.

What amazed me the most during the event was the application introduced at the booth of Our Awesome Planet.  Would you imagine that by just holding simple photos that will transform into totally amazing shots.  You can be with someone that is not even there, or have a costume, or even be somewhere else.  Truly amazing.

I would also like to say that I am still waiting for the e-mail from Jergens since I did join their 7-Day Challenge.  I am ready for the challenges ahead!

Plus did I mention that I am about ready to use the anti-aging Stem cell product of Flawless unfortunately the cleanser foam was not included.  So, I think, I still have to buy that in order to finally try out this product.

So what does the other booth have to offer?  Well, this is turning out to be one long post but let me just share every bit of item we have from each of the exhibitor and sponsor for Blogapalooza 2014.



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  1. Thanks for dropping by at our booth. We do hope you enjoy our activity. More powers to your blog!

    1. Yes I did enjoyed the unlocking challenge. Thanks for the cool prize as well.