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#itrustU because #itrustUratex - An innovation that makes sleeping life changing

Uratex had been a brand known for year.  Once you heard the name, "Uratex" it will immediately equate to quality beds and foams.  This is perhaps the key branding in mind when Robert Go Cheng established Polyfoam Chemical Corporation in 1968.  Since then the brand became the top selling foam, surpassing both dealers' and consumers' expecations in durability, comfort and affordability.

What does Uratex have to do with sleeping being life changing?  During the Uratex My Home Event we were presented to Team Kramer composed of parents Doug Kramer and Cheska Kramer and children Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin. This was the ideal family who do a lot of things together, have fun, play and sleep together.

Seeing Team Kramer is like looking at an ideal family.  A family that puts resting and sleeping as one very important factor of how they live their life and how they maintain a happy and secured family.

Contrary to what most of us believed that we can always catch up with the amount of time we sleep, the truth is that we cannot.  It is key that we develop a regular sleep habit in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a healthy and sound body and mind.

Sleep is essential for all people, regardless of age, and a good rest is vital especially for a family.  Dad and mom need to be productive for their workplaces and nurturing of the kids.  The children, meanwhile, have to deal with school challenges, peer pressure, changes in perspective, and their own emotional and inner growth.  Their older brothers and sisters who are working will have to confront work deadlines, demanding bosses, and romantic relationships where they have to give more of themselves.

Check out this photos and key notes presented during the event for your health reference:

Sometimes, every family member just might find himself or herself hard-pressed to keep up with the challenges they are facing.  An average six to eight hours a day is the requirement, according to physicians and other medical experts.  Now, if each family member were not to get his required rest that night, tensions might arise within the family, inadvertently causing them to get on each other's nerve.

In order to subscribed to what Uratex has to say about the connection of their products and sleep I have to experience it myself.  The mere experience of having a pillow from Uratex did changed my sleep relaxation process.  Before I used the regular pillow and though it was okay, it was not that comfortable but when I used the one Uratex presented during the event, the comfort increased tremendously.

My next dream would be to actually own a bed and a Uratex foam so that I can finally experience the comfort that I surely deserve as a single dad.  It might be a long shot but that time will come.  Uratex foam is definitely haven for a life changing sleeping experience.

Regardless of the model they choose, each family member can find the Uratex mattress that fits him or her - and with it, enjoy a luxurious sleep that will recharge them the next day and probably add a rosier outlook.

My experience with Uratex might not be enough to convince you that this brand is definitely worth investing on.  I know that besides me there are various other users who would connect with the feeling that Uratex makes sleep life changing.

Do you have a Uratex foam or product?  How did it became part of your life?

It would be interesting to know what other people would say and feel about this brand which banks on the hashtags #itrustU and #itrustUratex.

Thanks for reading!

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