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Excite Your Taste Buds at Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties

I was not much of a fun of food like those which are offered by Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties for two reasons, commonly they are messy to eat and are too hot for me to handle.  However, we were offered to taste the food at Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties franchise in Market Market at Taguig and may expectations did change.

We were invited to visit and blog about our experience and review for this food chain, so together with my fellow bloggers Ranne and Lie we went there.  When we got there, my first impression was negative since I am not really a fun of such food so I decided to order their Baked Macaroni since that is a personal favorite.  The Bake Macaroni however was not available so I have no other option but to try their main menu.

Thus, I ordered Beef Grenada and Cheeseburst Beef Jerky.  Both of these flavors have added chili flavor with Beef Grenada being extra hot.  The order was served hot and fresh together with their branded tea in which I choose the Premium Ice Tea.

Taking the courage to eat Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties took some time and then I started eating. The food was really hot so I have to adjust since my tongue can't take the heat.  As I go through Beef Grenada, I realized that I am already enjoying it even as I sweat too much due to its spiciness.  After that, I tried Cheeseburst Beef Jerky, and that turned out good as well.

Ranne and Lie was also enjoying their orders and was busy taking pictures.  Ranne ordered the non-spicy Beef Supreme and so I tried that so I can compare it with the others.  Beef Supreme was also very good, it has ground all-beef filling that includes tomato sauce gravy in it.

I never thought that I would really enjoy eating a food that I avoid most of the time.  I was also surprised that the food was really affordable and the size was enough for your regular appetite.  Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties is recommended to all of those who want to eat something new and really enjoy every bite.

I would definitely visit Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties again soon.  Remember it is located at the 5th floor of Market Market Mall in Taguig.

For more info about RC Jamaican Patties follow them on TwitterFacebook or through their website.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience! We have yet to visit them this September 28... what to order!

    1. Thanks for the opportunity to review RCJP. If you would order I recommend trying a variety since almost everything on the menu is delicious.