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Start Your Own Business with Essential Brands

One of an entrepreneur's major problem is finding the right business for them as well as the location, capital and everything.  What if there is a way by which you can be assisted from conceptualization, business planning to the actual operations?  Would you decide to go into that business?  Let us take a look at this business opportunity.

I was personally impressed on how this branding will make it possible for an entrepreneur to actually own a brand without necessarily paying for a franchise fee.  They would even provide you with everything you need.

The Essential Brands Group is a market leader in providing premium quality Coffee Machines, Hot Chocolate Machines, Slush Machines and all related products through their internationally recognized flagship brands, I Luv Coffee, I Luv Coffee Express, I Luv Slush and I Luv Frozee.  The Essential Brands Group's main highlight is their quality and service bringing the best in the business to your business.

One of the products which I am most amazed of is "I Luv Coffee Express."  This brand provides a fully automated coffee bending machine which I can say is "idiot proof" since it is very easy to operate plus it has the widest range of selections from 8 up to 22 flavor selections.

I Luv Coffee does not only sell you the machine but in fact it includes the whole system or the branding itself.  When we say branding it includes the consumables, signage, uniform, assistance and even after sales.  Although these additional items have additional cost, you save a lot when it comes to idea conceptualization and franchise fees.

These commercial coffee bending machines are made of high quality materials, these commercial coffee machines can produce the best flavor and aroma that will keep your customers coming back for more. These are manufactured using the latest components and state-of-the-art facilities in Italy, which make them one of the finest products in the market. What sets them apart from others is their flexibility and functionality. You can use our systems for any type of business such as convenience stores, retail outlets, pubs, service stations, and clubs. In addition it also provides a wide variety of coffee consumables and flavors—these come with a selection menu of coffee, milk, and chocolate flavored drinks.

This post would all be a rambling and an idea of course if it will just remain as a read article, so I do recommend that you visit their showroom at SmallBusinessShop Unit A & B Facilities Center 548 Shaw Boulevard, 1550, Mandaluyong City or you can contact telephone number: +63(2) 534-4526 and looks for Mr. Gabs Balancio.

For more information you can visit the following online:

This is one of the best options to start your own business and be your own boss.

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