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Eri Curry: The best place for Japanese Curry and cuisine

I am not a fan of curry actually because I get easily bored eating it due to the extreme taste of the sauce, however, this time it seems everything had changed.  ERI CURRY is something different, something authentic, something new and something you will love.

I was invited by Lee Shen to a lunch meeting at Eri Curry regarding an event for their launch in September.  I did not expect that I will be given free food and OMG!  Well, I was on a diet actually and avoiding too much food but when I saw the food it was overwhelming and can fed 3 people I think... well that is how I see it at least.

I do not know what to order since I am pretty new at the place.  I think the curry I had was the Omelette with Pork Katsu.  This Japanese curry consist of a basic combination of pork, egg omelette, rice and added flavor.  Together with it I ordered a mango shake.

When the order was served it was really one plate full.  Then, I eat it as is, not knowing that there is a proper way of eating it just like Koren Food.  So if you are not familiar with how to eat Japanese Curry and what to do when you visit this awesome place check the video below:

Now, how was that?  Did you notice that beautiful lady in the video?  Well, that is the owner of Eri Curry who also happens to be a great chef.

I thought I am done eating and then I was served the dessert, Rainbow Kakigori. a shaved ice dessert with strawberry, blueberry, and green apple flavors.  This one costs P190 but it is already good for 3 persons.  The flavor was great and you will figuratively forget your name while savoring this one.

It was one epic lunch meeting that I will never forget and my love for Eri Curry had just began.

We recommend visiting this place at the 3rd Floor, Atrium, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City or call 0917-821-2305 for inquiries.  You can also like their Facebook page for more information.

Eri Curry is the best of Japanese Curry!

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