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Try the new Nescafe White

While shopping at Puregold Paso de Blas, we were asked to have a free taste for the newest product from Nescafe, NESCAFE WHITE.  At first I thought it is the same coffee being sold at our nearest sari-sari store but this one is actually different for it has Nestle milk included in it.

The taste of Nescafe White is not your usual coffee taste nor your usual milk coffee taste.  It has a unique blend that comes with a unique aroma.  You will definitely love and enjoy drinking it, in fact I asked for another sample cup when I finished the free taste.

You should also take note that this product is made from White coffee beans.  According to the Nescafe website, these are beans that have been under-roasted, giving the bean a lighter color and the brew a lighter taste than the average coffee.

This is the same coffee that comes with Nescafe White, the only white coffee blended with Nestle milk.

All I can say Ranne and I will both agree that Nescafe White taste really good.

For more info please do visit and like www.facebook.com/nescafe.ph.

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