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Deezer Premium Review

We had posted an article before about the partnership between Deezer and Smart and also do a bit of a review and intro for Deezer.  Now, we will talk about what you will be missing if you will not be one of the premium subscribers of Deezer.  Here is a look at Deezer Premium.

I was lucky enough to be given a chance to review Deezer premium via a gift code for 3 months.  Through this I was able to browse through the infinite number of songs, artists and albums which are stored on the Deezer portfolio.

First thing I checked was the favorite music of the person closest to my heart since I wanted to make sure that she will also be able to listen to their albums and songs whenever we are together, Maroon 5.  I was happy to see that all of the collection of the artist is now available to me.

My first stop was Kalohe Kai.  During my initial trial when I am not yet a premium member I was limited to only one song, "First True Love," but now I can access all the albums and songs of my favorite artist.

Another cool feature of Deezer is "synchronize music".  This will allow you to listen to your favorite songs even when you are offline.  You can synchronize songs per album and listen to them afterwards.  This is very ideal for me since my internet connection at home is not that fast.

Deezer premium is also very personal since it will only allow one device using the Deezer account.  If another device started using it the previous device will automatically stop.  Of course we know that this is typical since Deezer surely do not like for a premium account to be used by hundreds of user sharing the same account.  It defeats the idea of "personalized music."

You can also be allowed to drag songs to your favorites and also create playlists for them.  These play lists and songs can then be shared to popular networking sites Facebook and Twitter or even across Deezer.

Deezer recommendations are also excellent.  These are selection of songs recommended by people from Deezer itself.  This does away with the user having to stick to what he knows and likes and let him explore more about various musics available across the Deezer platform.

They even have the albums and songs of my favorite choice when it comes to meditation and relaxation music, Kenny G.

If I have some comments about Deezer, it would be their limited selection of anime and Japanese songs.  The anime songs that I found are commonly Karaoke and not in its original form.  They are either remixed or revised by whoever created the album.  There are also very limited number of choices.

Sentimental fans of OPM would have a great time using Deezer since it has tons of collections from OPM artists of the old days and n ew ones.  In fact I have synched songs from VST and COmpany and Hagibis, as well as Gary Valenciano's Greatest Hits Volume 2.

For more specific features on Deezer and Smart bundle offers check out, "Smart expands music portfolio with Deezer."

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