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NetSupport School: The Modern Classroom of the future today

The future of education seems to be going all technological and it seems the Philippines needs to keep abreast with other countries in the world.  How can schools be at par with their techsavy students and utilize the power of ITC and the internet?  There is a product called, "NetSupport School" dubbed as a powerful classroom instruction, monitoring and management software.  Will this software really deliver what the classroom needs?

The major challenge of teachers with students is computers seems to be an enemy of the school.  After school students tend to use computers at internet cafes or in their home to play games instead of using them for educational purposes.  Therefore, what is needed is for schools to change the view of students by letting them know through experience that computers can be a tool to further their learning more.

NetSupport School provides a way by which teachers and trainers can improve the efficiency of ICT teaching though a centralized system in which they can instruct students directly on their computer.  This will in turn maintain student focus by monitoring application and web usage, track language lab audio activity, improve support through online help and chat requests and save time by automatically sending and collecting work files or quickly polling the class and showing instant results.

There are tons of features by which NetSupport School can maximize the return from the IT infrastructure of the school that is already in place.  Plus this one is very supportive of new technology which includes:
  • A free downloadable ‘Tutor Assistant’ app for use on tablets and smartphones (Apple and Android) giving teachers and their assistants greater mobility around the classroom.
  • Support for students using Chromebooks.
  • Support for students using Android/iOS tablets.
  • Support within Terminal Server, Thin/Zero Client, shared-resource and virtual desktop environments.

In the Philippines, this infrastructure is starting to be rolled out.  Public schools through the computerization program of Department of Education has installed over 200,000 NetSupport licenses nationwide.  This seems to be a very promising move.

If you are a school owner, a board of director, a teacher or someone concerned with education then you can browse the full feature of NetSupport School at THIS LINK.  For product demo you can contact 535-7333.

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