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Google Announce the Next Android, Android Lollipop?

It was just revealed that Google had just announced plans for their next upgrade to their Android OS.  The next letter in line would be Android L and we are wondering what dessert it would be.  Perhaps, their choices includes Lollipop as the most popular, right?

According to our source from TechnoBaboy,  the new iteration of Android will feature various performance improvements, as well as a new approach to notifications. Combined with the lockscreen, notifications are now interactive. The new drop-down notification, dubbed “heads-up” by Google, shows up when you’re using the phone. It’s a bit intrusive, but easy to address or dismiss.
The biggest change brought by Android L is its looks. Featuring what they are calling the Material Design initiative, its suppose to make Android more “human” and approachable. The face lift will have clean, card-based layouts, bright, simple, color schemes, and the playful, physics-based animations. Soon, Material Design will be extended across Google’s products, platforms, and services.
We have searched on YouTube for the video presentation and here it goes... the new Android L or cross fingers Android Lollipop :)  What do you think of Android L?

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