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Saturday, April 19, 2014

VIBAL Group takes education to the next level

VIBAL Group, one of the oldest and most known pillars in Philippine education had taken a bold new step into providing great education for everyone.  They have launched the "Education Technology Solutions for 2014" with the tagline "Joy in Learning."

The company has a concept called "Vibal Classroom-of-the-Future" where it inclues techlogy packaged with pre-configured hassle-free solutions with included technical support. free teacher training, guaranteed on-site visits and more.  

VIBAL is envisioning a classroom which utilizes technology in order to create an experience where the students and teachers will learn together and rip the positive benefits of technology.

So what does VIBAL have to offer to those in the education sector?  Let me sum up some of them:

VIBE READER - this is a fully customizable e-reader for all publisher's textbooks for your school.  The app can be uploaded through Google Play Store, Windows Store and Apple App Store.  This is a great way to serve the needs of your students learning at the touch of a hand using their devices and also in-school devices.

VIBE SCHOOL BOOKSTORE - this is an online school bookstore where school can upload and sell their own publications including student manual, digital yearbook, newsletter and other publications.  It is also unetegrated with Facebook, Twiter and GoodReads.

VIBAL INTERACTIVE E-TEXTBOOKS - It is an online textbook which proides visualization and tich media to facilitate learning with deep experience.  It has build in study aids, hyperlinks of sources for additional learning and interactivity.

V-SMART - is your school's learning management system and mobile and social learning platform.  V-Smart enables e-learning inside the classroom, even without expensive broadband or internet subscription.  All you need is your school server and a Wi-Fi network to engage your students in an immersive and interactive digital environment.

This technology also has available design for students and teachers in older to empower them as well through V-Smart for Teachers and V-Smart for Students.

VIBAL wants to make full use of the new technology in order to create a classroom which is the next level of learning.  This is a good way to say that indeed techniology is not an evil but it is a great tool which can be used to power up and boost education.
For more information on Education Technology Solutions you can follow them on Twitter @vibalgroup or Facebook,  You can also visit their website at


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