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Glue N' Stitch: Your online shop for cool stuffs

Running an online shop is not an easy task and knowing what to sell is likewise a bit tricky.  However, that seems to be not the case with Glue N' Stitch, with an owner who knows how to conceptualize, design and create the items herself, it became easier but also tedious.

Glue N' Stitch is a shop owned by a fellow Otaku and cosplayer, Ms. Ranne Tubig.  She is an artist, an IT buff and also a very creative person.  Her shop started selling cute and lovely character key chains as well as some anime and emoticon clip ons.  These items were usually sold out and there was a point in time when she cannot really keep on with the orders.  Why?  Well just imagine that these items are handmade by her and she is a one woman workforce.

After some hiatus, the shop is back with more items including Geta slippers.  Geta slippers are Japanese traditional wooden slippers which comes perfectly with Kimono of course.  I heard that they will be selling that soon.

The shop also sells clip ons and cute key chainsb which are again handmade by Glue 'n Stitch.  The shiop is a legitimate seller with an album at the Cosplay Network Philippines (CNPH) Cosplay Market.

Besides Geta slippers, Glue N' Stitch is also selling Zori slippers.  They are also Japanese slippers but not wooden like Geta.  If you want to see all the items for sale at this shop then visit the Glue N' Stitch Facebook page.

They ship items via JRS Express or whichever their customer prefers,  of course,shipping fee is not included in the prices.  Check them out because thay have very competitive pries for their products.

For more information and to begin shopping visit their page at www.facebook.com/gluenstitch

Thanks for reading and I hope I have shared once more a cool shop where you can buy what you need.

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