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Welcome to the new THE PRODUCTS BLOG

First and foremost thanks to everyone for your continued support to THE PRODUCTS BLOG.  This blog had been here for more than 3 years now and if not for our dear readers, companies and those which believe in us we would not be here.  In fact, just this year, I have lost the domain for this blog, which turns out to be a good thing since it open the room for a shorter and better domain - www.productsblog.net.

When I had my full time work and previously also with my stint as an Editor in Chief to a startup online magazine, I had not been very active with this blog.  I redirected my efforts on those that I am working on, however, I realized that the best thing is always to at least have sometime for your own blog.

That is why, starting with the Blogapalooza event, I will find time to write and hopefully encourage other guest writers to post in this blog.  Thanks to Blogapalooza event organizers and Vince Golangco for including this blog during the event.

What is The Products Blog?

The Products Blog will remain as a site where you will find post on the latest products, product reviews, events, promos, discounts, freebies and even about the coolest places to go.  We will also be offering some contests where you can win freebies.

We hope to give readers an initial look on various products and services before they use it. We use and try it in actual and then we tell you what we think. We accept product and service review. FIND OUT HOW YOUR PRODUCT and/or SERVICE CAN BE REVIEWED AND PUBLISHED HERE.

If you have comment and suggestions don't forget to send me a message via twitter www.twitter.com/shenbrood or email me at shenbrood16 at gmail dot com.

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