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Smartphone protection goes nude with LifeProof

Have you ever imagined having a screen protection without even having the screen protection?  This is the innovation created by a nude smartphone protection recently released by LifeProof called the LifeProof nüüd cases.

Marc Nelson, TV personality and host of Sports Unlimited is the endorser and a distributor of LifeProff cases in the Philippines

LifeProof products had just been launch in the Philippines, August 29.  LifeProof nüüd cases will initially be available for the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy SIII.  A case for the Samsung Galaxy SIV will be released by November 2013.  

The nüüd case offers protection with no need for a screen cover.  By providing a waterproof seal to the touchscreen, it protects your device while leaving the screen open for direct touch.  These cases provide zero visual interference, glare, loss of contrast or saturation and remains waterproof, drop proof, dirt proof and snow proof.  Cool isn't it.

Plus since it is part of the LifeProof frē Case family you can enjoy the phone even under water, up to 6.6 feet or 2 meters deep.  It is also protected from sudden drops of up to 6.6 feet or 2 meters high.  This is so far a protection which I believe can really save your smartphone from being ruined or suffering from any damage.

The product brand, LifeProof nüüd cases I think literally means "nude" cases.  Well, I am impressed with the product and the technology and is really tech savy and trendy.  What I do have a problem is actually writing this article since it took me a lot more time finding how to put the character u from the band in this article.

The letter u in the brand Nüüd comes from the Latin letter u with diaere which can also be made by pressing CTRL+:,U.  I wonder if the case could have just been made as LifeProof Nude Case instead of going with the more confusing branding, at least for Filipinos like me.

“Our customers love the freedom that LifeProof frē Case gives them to take their device anywhere without concern. We’re pleased to introduce the slimmest fully protective LifeProof frē Case here in the Philippines,” says Evelyn Medina, Sales Manager of JCordon, the exclusive distributor of LifeProof in the Philippines. “As with all of our products, we carefully design, build and test the case to our company’s standards for high quality and exceptional reliability.”

This protection is also Babyproof by the way...

LifeProof cases and accessories are available for sale at all ICON, PowerMac, Digital Hub, Beyond the Box, Digital Walker, Switch, iStudio, AShop, Astroplus and Technoholics outlets.

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