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OPEN HOUSE at Sky Fitness Manila

I had been one who can attest to the satisfying results of Sky Fitness Manila, although it is sad that it is a bit far from my place if given a chance I would not miss going there.  This Holiday Season, SKY FITNESS MANILA will be giving an OPEN HOUSE and FREE CONSULTATION.

New you ,new body..Act now! Before we all accumulate few kilos over the holiday season, let Sky Fitness provide you a healthy option before we pack more kilos. Majority of Filipinos make New Year’s resolutions. Less than 40 percent stick with them past six months.

"When people defer their workout, they always say, next time. It will never work, but come to think of it, everyone will say, 'I'll get right back on track and I will succeed.' "

But a lot of people who ultimately fulfill their resolutions slip up a lot of times during the entire year. But instead of accepting defeat, they learn from their mistakes and adjust their thinking and try to move forward. It's a lesson anyone can adopt to a new year resolution.

People tend to stick to their resolution that has some meaning to him.  Health and Fitness must be a number one on the list. Most of the time, people make resolutions haphazardly or based on trends or something whimsical, which is fine, but some if not majority, people are looking to make bigger changes and this is a good way to do it.

To better understand where your body is at right now, Sky Fitness Manila is opening their doors the rest of the days of December for an OPEN HOUSE, as a gift for everyone. Come and avail of a free trial and complete assessments to know your body and health status. Book now for appointment.

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