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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Product's Blog Monthly Giveaway for March

We are celebrating your continued patronage of "The Products Blog" and with this we are launching a contest.

You will have a chance to get a FREE "Sunsilk Co-Creations Smooth and Manageable Hair Recovery Treatment" and Hand Towel.

Here are the mechanics of this contest:

1.  Follow our blog through Google Connect found at the bottom of the page (1 point)
2.  Subscribe to The Products Blog by entering your e-mail address on our feedburner account found at the right side bar  (1 point)
3.  Comment on the post and tell us...
a.  What product is best for you (it can be any product you had used) and why?  (1 point)
b.  Why do you like "The Products Blog"?  (1 point)
4.  Share this contest on your Facebook Wall  (1 point per day)
5.  If you have a twitter send a tweet to this contest and tag @rinoabrood  (1 point per day)

Don't forget to include in your comment the Facebook share and tweet links.

You can earn a maximum of twenty-eight (28) points (including daily Facebook and Twitter share) and each point is your raffle entry to this contest.

The contest will start March 16, 2011 and end 11:59 pm of March 27, 2011.

Winners will be selected through a raffle using  The more points the more chance of winning.

Winners will be announced on March 30.  There will only be ONE (1) WINNER.

Prize will be delivered via LBC.

This contest is valid only in the Philippines.


  1. Joining Mei!
    Followed via GFC and NB.
    Best product so far? IMO, my Asus EeePC 1000HE! Love the battery life and the portability. So easy to reformat too!
    The Products Blog = Organized blog posts.

  2. Hi ms. Mei!

    I'm joining this contest :)

    following your blog through GFC as Feigh Maniago

  3. following @rinoabrood on twitter

    shared this giveaway page via tweet:

    shared it on my fb wall:

    Feigh Maniago
    [email protected]

  4. Count me in Ms Mei :)

    1. Followed via GFC.

    2. Subscribed to The Products Blog via feedburner.

    3. a. Best product?? My Olympus C-765. Because it captures like I'm using DSLR. hehehe. Its best feature is undoubtedly its long zoom lens while image resolution is high enough for sharp A4 prints.
    b. Why do I like "The Products Blog"? UPADATED and I love the blogger behind it. :)
    4. Shared:

    5. Followed and Tweeted:

  5. 1. followed via GFC
    2. Subscribed to The Products Blog via feedburner.
    3.What product is best for you (it can be any product you had used) and why?
    love using olay because its suits my skin
    Why do you like "The Products Blog" the blog is cute and well arrange
    5. follwed and tweeted"!/jingkring/status/47837416274411521

  6. Nice blog, sis Mei! Sali ako. Hehe.

    1. Following via GFC (Lexi)
    2. Subscribed via email ([email protected])
    3. a. I love my old Nokia XpressMusic. Kahit ilang beses nang binalibag ng anak ko, buo pa din! Haha. Ang tibay!
    b. I like this blog because the reviews are really good and unbiased!
    4. FB Post for 03/16:
    5. Tweet for 03/16:!/lexifernando/status/47857884750557184


  7. 1. Follow your blog through Google Connect: slither_keen1004
    2. Subscribe via email: [email protected]
    3. a. What product is best for you and why? My sonycybershot given by my brother, I didn't use it ang mukha pa talaga xang bago. Why? its because it has a sentimental value and I love the different features.
    b. Why do you like "The Products Blog"? I love about this blog, ahm, its the contents and how the blogger managed it all. The different criteria to choose on and reviews of the different products that helps much of the readers and especially the blogger itself.
    4. Shared:!/slither1004/posts/110911488988726
    5. Tweeted:!/slither1004/status/47878082769584128


  8. Pa join po!

    1. Following via GFC (Norika)
    2. Subscribed via email ([email protected])
    3. a. i Love my swatch watch that i have last feb, i like its color and simplicity, really fits me :)
    4. Shared: 03/16:
    5. Tweeted: 03/16:!/imurvillain/status/47890592046399488

  9. Shared on my FB account:
    Followed you with username gracesongbird.

  10. 1. Followed you via GFC (MALOU)
    2. Subscribed to your blog ([email protected])

    a. Pond's Gold Radiance Youth Serum is best for me because it revives my skin, making me look young and fresh.
    b. I like The Products Blog because I get to be updated with current contests and promos.

    4. Shared this giveaway on Facebook:!/prettylass8831/posts/147103158685187

    5. Tweeted about this on Twitter (kikayprincess02):!/kikayprincess02/status/47853830771191808

    email: [email protected]

  11. Thanks for joining sis Lourdes :)

  12. Thanks for joining sis Merry Jane

    todo na 2 hahahah

  13. Thanks for joining sis Jo

    whahahe.e.e ayan namiss ko yang picture mo hahahahah

  14. Thanks for joining sis Hidburn


  15. Here's my tweet for today:!/kikayprincess02/status/48189885500239872

  16. Here's my Facebook post for today:!/prettylass8831/posts/210671848947099

  17. Follow you via GFC =leizle
    subscribed to your blog [email protected]

    a. What product is best for you (it can be any product you had used) and why? Pantene intensive treatment total care, i really do have frizzy hair. And this one really help my hair.
    b. Why do you like "The Products Blog"? i like The Product Blog because i get updated on the products reviews, promos, contest & freebies. And it's well organized =)

    shared on FB:
    tweeted :!/iamLeizle4ever/status/48258929125367808

  18. 1. GFC - kaho din
    2. Best product for me the MacBook Pro - one fast computer!
    3. I like The Products Blog because when I read about a product, I learn more about it, influencing my decision to use or not use such product.
    4. Facebook share
    5. Twitter share

  19. Thanks, Mei! Here's for March 18 -!/kahodin/status/48481682285793281

  20. Here's my Facebook post for today:!/prettylass8831/posts/154473581279067

  21. Here's my tweet for today:!/kikayprincess02/status/48559958744244224

  22. Joined your contest:

    Gfc: Realprettymommy

  23. My tweet for today:!/kikayprincess02/status/48936132796362752

  24. My Facebook post for today:!/prettylass8831/posts/179515642094288

  25. 1. GFC follower: Ladymishel
    2. Subscribed via michelle_ej08[at]yahoo[dot]com
    3. a. Right now it's Neutrogena Fine Fairness Range, I have an oily skin and I used to skip moisturizer because I thought it would make my skin oilier and might have breakouts. But when I started using the cleanser, toner and moisturizer switiching both the brightening serum and lotion at night my skin is now less oily, and so far no breakouts. I'm happy with the result I'm getting. I'll keeping using the product. =)
    b. I like Product's blog because it keeps me updated with the latest about everything from promos, contest, freebies and etc.

  26. GFC name: Vpao
    Email subscription: [email protected]
    a) I love Globe products, because for me they are the best provider in the country.
    b) I love the Product's blog because you give back to your readers, like this
    Shared on FB:!/permalink.php?story_fbid=189158064459527&id=100000599046965
    Shared on Twiter:

  27. For March 19 Mei, salamat!

  28. My GFC username is daear.
    Subscribed using daeaSR gmail com.
    I love my Campus Journal from BDJ. It's so cool while helping me manage my schedules, activities and other important notes I need to take down.
    The Products Blog is owned by friendly and accommodating blogger(s). And it features product reviews and contests.
    Facebook share
    Twitter share

    :) Added a Tumblr share

  29. Facebook

  30. Followed GC: Agnes DC
    email Subscription: [email protected](dot)com
    facebook share:
    *The product that i have been using is the Neutrogena Fine Fairness Range kit.. I got the whole package last year and I am still using it until now.
    *I like " the product blog" because it present certain product .. giving it reviews for the public could read.!/magz_dc

  31. My Facebook post for today:!/prettylass8831/posts/172022346181188

  32. My tweet for today:!/kikayprincess02/status/49370732022607872

  33. My tweet for today:!/kikayprincess02/status/49636062313709568

  34. My FB post for today:!/prettylass8831/posts/159024860823038

  35. Thanks for this Mei! Hi to David rin po.
    1. google connect name ako si alma
    2. email add almasialma at
    3. Comment -
    a. Neutrogena Fine Fairness products! Radiance that delivers, Neutrogena Philippines is very generous too.
    b. I want to learn more about blogging and earning from blogging :)

    March 19!/akosialma/status/49102307660537856
    March 20!/akosialma/status/49460791321182208
    March 21!/akosialma/status/49772997891989504

  36. 1. Following via GFC as luckyfinds.

    2. Subscribed to The Products Blog via feedburner ([email protected]).

    3. a. Best product for me? I love Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrat​e becaus of its age-defying contents. I may not be able to stop or even slow down the aging process, but I am never too old to use skin products that combat aging signs. Kiehls helps me make my skin more radiant.

    4. I like "The Products Blog" because I love the product reviews and I learn more about new ones available in the market. I've been obssessed with anti-aging products but afraid to try it all out. Your reviews of have been of so much help to me.

    4. Shared at

  37. My tweet for today:!/kikayprincess02/status/50007400677253120

  38. My Facebook post for today:!/prettylass8831/posts/154817634579435

  39. My tweet for today:!/kikayprincess02/status/50365031698792449

  40. My FB post for today:!/prettylass8831/posts/196288410404423

  41. I try to tweet daily, The Products Blog :)
    GFC @pure
    I love to use Sunnex wares when cooking, and Vision glassware.
    The Products Blog reviews a diverse range of products, providing for consumer information.



  42. 20th





  43. My tweet for today:!/kikayprincess02/status/50725472430067713

  44. My FB post for today:!/prettylass8831/posts/191521954218221

  45. Before I call it a night :) Early for March 25!/purijc/status/50969065593913345
    Thanks The Products Blog!

  46. My tweet for today:!/kikayprincess02/status/51098816203587585

  47. My FB post for today:

  48. I follow you through GFC using my twitter account under my name Lu Bernardo

    I subscribed to email using malu0219(at)yahoo(dot)com

    a. One product that is best for me is my neutrogena fine fairness serum (actually i so love the whole range) I can't seem to get enough of it, I'm so addicted to it :)))
    b. I like The Products Blog because all reviews are realistic and I can't help but try them as long as the time and opportunity permit me so.

    Shared on FB:

    Shared on Twitter:

  49. My FB post for today:

  50. My tweet for today:!/kikayprincess02/status/51459243999625216

  51. yay, more entries...
    March 22
    March 23
    March 24
    March 25
    March 26

  52. Habulin ko na! Baka malimutan ko pa bukas hehehe :}

    Follow our blog through Google Connect
    --- rlyn six8
    Comment on the post and tell us ---
    What product is best for you (it can be any product you had used) and why?
    --- caronia nail colors, nail products (top coat, base coat), and hand & foot care items
    --- affordable, wide selection of colors, locally-made
    Why do you like "The Products Blog"?
    --- this blog comes highly recommended! backed by reliable bloggers

  53. Shares done, summarize ko na rin :}

    Sat and
    Sun and
    Mon and
    Tue and
    Wed and
    Thu and
    Fri and
    Sat and

    Last day na bukas! :}

  54. For March 24-
    For March 25-
    For March 26-

  55. My tweet for today:!/kikayprincess02/status/51933342479822848

  56. My FB post for today:

  57. katherine r. sicatMarch 27, 2011 at 6:07 PM

    1. GFC as kathie

    2. Subscribed to The Products Blog as [email protected]

    3. a) The best product for my pimples is Proactiv and the unique thing about it is that it actually works to treat my pimples and acnes and controls oil which will prevents future pimple breakouts. Proactiv work for millions of people worldwide which has been accredited by well-know Hollywood stars like Mandy Moore, Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, Jessica Simpson, Vanessa Williams, Ryan Sheckler, Julienne Hugh, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

    b) I like "The Products Blog" because it’s something that people actually want and are looking for every day. Your opinions and reviews are somewhat guides with my decision on a certain product because of your reputation as a trustworthy reviewer. You’re completely honest and transparent and you let your personality shine through, wherein your reviews are very helpful and you also build relationships with us, your readers.

    4. Shared on my facebook wall: Katherine Sicat

    5. Tweeted as @akiakat15

  58. 21 March

  59. 22 March

  60. 23 March

  61. 24 March

  62. 25 March

  63. 26 March

  64. 27 March

  65. 26th

  66. Congratulations Hidburn... you are the March Giveaway Winner :)

  67. congrats!!! enter ko pa sana other entries ko mei hehehe..
    congrats sa pacontest! sa susunod, pwede maging guest reviewer? hehehe


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