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A Site for Cosplay How Tos Including Do-It-Yourself Costumes

Well, thanks to Prince Ramos for this link and website. He told me that I should cosplay as The Joker next time and I think that I would be considering his suggestion. The Joker kinda fits some of my personality and also my mouth shape.

So what is the site I am talking about? Well the site is called "Instructables" and you can visit it at www.instructables.com. Their Iron Man costume was pretty amazing and good as well... not only good but can be said as a Cosplay winning good.

As for The Joker Costume, this link has a step-by-step instruction on how to play as The Joker... cool!

The have almost everything and what's good is that you can post your questions to the community and for sure there will someone to answer it.

Hope this would help our cosplayers out there.

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