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Increasing Blog Revenue Through Infolinks Related Tags

Many bloggers are looking forward to increasing their online revenue. The fact is I am one of those bloggers which really want to increase my online income. I signed up for Infolinks last June 2010 and I did earn about $20. Through all of this I discover many things specially how to use and implement Infolinks' Related Tags revenue tool.

First of all, Infolinks is the only text to revenue I have in all my blogs. Despite some e-mails and offers that I receive with promises of a higher revenue, I just ignored them because I saw the caring and customer relations that Infolinks is investing on its bloggers. Never before have I seen such care and a community that actually helps.

I know there are other bloggers who are already earning quite big on Infolinks and I want to learn the hows. The links revenue was really okey and now with the related tags add-on revenue tool it becomes more exciting. The related tags of Infolinks was very easy to implement. You just copy and paste the code anywhere in your site where you want the clickable related tags to appear. It could be on one of your gadgets position or even directly on your blog's HTML. It's easy and within seconds of adding the code, the related tags will appear.

In this blog, I put it on the top of the blog posts and in another blog, I just implemented it directly on the HTML and appears on the top of every post just below my Google Adsense. I notice that placing it on posts will be more productive since it generated related tags based on your post. The readers who most of the time wants more information will definitely find the Infolinks related tags helpful rather than annoying.

My revenues increase a bit and now I discovered ways by which I could maximize Infolinks related tags. It is very ideal to place it on blogs with high traffic since traffic is related to how much revenue you will get. The link to text and related tags from Infolinks are two tools which really go hand in hand.

My impression of the related tags feature of Infolinks is that it appears more of a help to readers rather than another annoying advertisement. With this Infolinks is also helping the blogs to gain more traffic rather than discouraged readers to go to the blog.

As of now, I think the related tags of Infolinks is fine by me. Anyone else have tried it? Any suggestions?

If you have not tried Infolinks yet then CLICK HERE. This is highly recommended.

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