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Tynt Insight: Mutual Benefit of Site Contents

The Creative Commons license allows people to copy content as long as there is a notice of the real owner of the content copied. However, ensuring that people who copies content from you is actually following that. Now here is an automatic way to do it through Tynt Insight.

I just managed to get to know about this website when I am surfing the web, tried it and was satisfied with how it works. In fact this blog uses Tynt Insight. Your website url, plus the license will be added to the contents copies at the bottom of every content.

That's not all you can actually also sell ads through this by putting automatic advertisement on the link to be copied. Or if you want you can add your twitter account or a custom message.

Setting it up is very simple just visit their website and SIGN-UP for an account. When you are done you will be assured that each time a user copies content from your website and pastes into an email, blog or website, they will automatically add a URL link back to your site’s original content. Plus, when someone clicks that URL, they are directed back to your site and see the original content.

As an additional support you can actually track the content being copied and how they are driving traffic to your website. Of course some people will just remove that added links however, if they copy the content verbatim then they can be sued for violation of the Creative Commons agreement.

Overall, Tynt Insight does three things: 1) Drive Traffic, 2) Improve Search Rank, and 3) Measure Engagement.

I highly recommend this script for your sight, so SIGN UP NOW.

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