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Latest Hollywood Gossip Tastes Like A Product

Well we don't usually publish entertainment articles here without a corresponding product but seems like nowadays there is a continuous demand for the latest hollywood gossip though it is not a product.

There are lots of things happening in the United States entertainment industry. First of that many gossips is the tons of shows being cancelled or denied another season. FlashForward for example was cancelled and denied a second season. The somewhat annoying Heroes Season 4 also get axed, as well as The Legend of the Seeker fails to impress both producers and the network and will not get Legend of the Seeker Season 3. nevertheless on the bright side of TV shows Smallville will definitely continue for a Season 10 this fall.

Among the other hot latest Hollywood gossip includes the report about Bret Michaels being back in the hospital to find out that he has a hole in his heart. On the controversial side Rima Fakih, Miss USA 2010 pole dancing photos also shocked the world and for some it was a display of the sexy flawlessness of the new Miss USA.

Another gossip in the world of entertainment this week is the exciting two-and-a-half hour finale of Lost Season 6. Fans of the series are hoping the with Lost Season 6 finale secrets will be revealed and answers will be made to many of the burning questions in the series. We still have to see for ourselves what will be the ending of this great TV series.

Another Hollywood gossip that we heard is the comeback of Wayne Newton in Vegas and perhaps in an upcoming film. Wayne Newton is considered one of the great pioneers of Las Vegas entertainment and he was even called Mr. Vegas.

Stone Cold Steve Austin will also be seen back on the big screen as he plays an FBI agent in the upcoming movie, The Stranger 2010. Meanwhile Lindsay Lohan has a pending warrant of arrest when she comes back from the Cannes Film Festival. The warrant is issued after she failed to attend a probation hearing though Linday Lohan is still lucky because she has the money. Her attorney paid $100,000 in bail to lift the said warrant.

So that's it for the juicy gossip products in Hollywood. Till next time.

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