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Tisyu, What Will I do Without It?

Since childhood I had a sinus allergy that is why most of the time I have a runny nose. Before I used to use hand towels so that I can rid away of them whenever they occur. But since that is not very sanitary and convenient I switched to using tissue paper.

Back then I carry with me a roll of toilet papers or bathroom tissue and sometimes I literally carry with me that roll of toilet paper. I felt like people see me as someone who always had the urge to go to the toilet.

Then, one time I was kinda lazy and just brought some tissue at the nearest Mini Stop. I was tired of the old toilet paper and since they are expensive there I decided to buy a coreless tissue. It was more convenient and easy to use. But it was not until our visit at SM City Baliwag that I discovered about a Filipino produced tissue paper called "Tisyu."

Tisyu is the first Filipino made and locally produced microembossed coreless tissue. When you say coreless they do not have the "ringlike" thing at the center.

It has been 5 days since I began using Tisyu and it is really comfortable and has the same quality as other products. Each roll is sold for P10.50 at SM City but iof buy the 10-roll pack you just have to pay P48-P50. By buying the 10pcs pack you saved P55.00 and literally get 50% off or 5 tissues for free. Great savings indeed.

From now on I will be buying "Tisyu." By buying it I did not only have a solution for my allergy needs but I also helped our fellow Filipino entrepreneurs.

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