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Tanduay Ice Just Taste Like Regular Softdrinks

Have you tasted Tanduay Ice yet? It is just like the plain softdrinks and cola that is very usual. It has no sting which is the classic feature of Tanduay. Tanduay is in fact a brandy which I have always refused to drink because they say that it is more like plastic but when I have the chance to get a drink of Tanduay Ice it was different. If you remember Cali Shandy which had been quite popular among students then you are looking of such a similarity with this new brand from Tanduay.

It has 5% alcohol content but though it taste like Cali it will still live you with the sting of usual alcohol after drinking it. For my taste this one is really cool and you can indeed drink it even during regular times but not risk the fact that you will get drank.

Kudos for Tanduay for coming out with a great product and to others out there do try it out.

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  1. The Best! Love it! Tastes good.. Kicks even better! ahahah!

  2. Taste really good! I love TI more than any other drinks. It won't leave you any odors, too!

  3. Yes... you never knew what hit you after. I highly recommend this :)