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Pepsi Max and Coke Zero

This two beverage company is really trying to outdo each other. Here in the Philippines Coke had literally spend a lot in distributing free refrigerators and coke freebies in order to entice sellers to patronize Coke. The Philippine coke market is slowly being eroded by RC Cola, another company from the United States. Keeping aside, which really has the better edge Pepsi Max or Coke Zero? In this review we take a face off between the two.

PEPSI MAX is the clear senior in this contest. They had been in the market for quite a time now. Pepsi is the first one to introduced a soda with absolutely zero sugar but with maximum taste of their original softdrink. However, the new soda seems to be sweeter than the original Pepsi.

COKE ZERO absolutely tastes like the original coke and even better because it has zero sugar though in the United States it is marketed as having zero calories. Coke Zero is a newcomer having only been introduced in 2005. It is likely to be a counter punch to Pepsi Max.

PEPSI MAX has 7 variants:
  • Citron Citron Vert: Lemon Lime flavored sold in France.
  • Twist: Lemon Lime flavored sold in the United Kingdom.
  • Punch: Sold in the UK during Christmas 2005. Similar to Pepsi Holiday Spice.
  • Cappuccino : Coffee flavored sold in Europe.
  • Cool Lemon: Lemon flavored sold in Europe.
  • Chill: Apple flavored sold in Sweden and Finland (limited edition, summer 2007).
  • Mojo: Mint and lime flavored sold in Finland (limited edition, spring 2008).
COKE ZERO currently has 2 variants:
  • Coca-Cola Cherry Zero
  • Coca-Cola Vanilla Zero
COKE ZERO's ingredients varies in different countries which is a question on why should that be? Well maybe it is because of the different taste of consumers while PEPSI MAX carries the same throughout.

Well in my personal opinion based on taste and preference I like COKE ZERO more than PEPSI MAX maybe because Coke had improved the idea of a zero calorie soda. It has a better taste and surely not that sweet as Pepsi Max

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