Chansel Pizza, The Tasty and Crispy Pizza at SM City Marilao

The third food I've tasted is the Chansel Pizza. What will I say? Well, it's definitely good. The first thing I've noticed when I ate a small amount of it, it tastes like Greenwich. It's very cheesy and meaty. The crust is so crunchy. It's very affordable for all individuals.

It's only in SM City Marilao that I have seen Chansel Pizza. It should be present in more areas I think because of its superior taste.

Here's my rating for Chansel Pizza

a. Packaging: 8. The packaging is fine and is really very presentable. Well what can you expect from a pizza brand? Generally they have the same packaging only the brand makes them different and stand out.

b. Product Cost: 8. It is generally more affordable from other pizzas but as we all know brand is what makes a product more expensive. For the good taste versus the value I think it is affordable.

c. Uniqueness: 8. The uniqueness factor comes from the crispy taste and crunchiness of the pizza. It definitely tastes like Greenwhich but for me it is more delicious thatn Greenwhich... peace :)

d. Popularity: 2. It's the first time I have heard of the name of this wonderful Pizza so I can't give a higher rating at this point.

e. Brand positioning: 4. If the brand will be promoted well I am sure that many will like this pizza.

f. Usability: 8. Pizza is a common snack for Filipino households and kids love it thus, as a parent myself I prefer snacks that are affordable and are not that heavy on the purse. For me this pizza definitely comes in the scene.

g. Effectiveness: 7. The edge of this pizza is its taste and affordability. I think if the owner will maxize on these two areas it can edge out other pizza brands.

h. Product Access: 2. For now this is just the rating that I can give the product since it seems it can only be bought at SM City Marilao in Marilao, Bulacan.

i. Advertising: N/A. I cannot comment yet on the advertising of this product since I have no information on this matter.

TOTAL RATING: 47/80 or 5.88

Despite the below average score you should not be discourage to try this pizza out. Why because the taste and affordability for sure outweights everything else. So do visit SM City Marilao now.
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  1. It looks like you wrote that post in 2009. I don't think your product access rating is very accurate. In 2007, I worked at the EDSA Central Pavillion. One of the most popular booths there was the Chansel Pizza Haus. I know they also have another stall in SM Bicutan. I have many friends from different parts of Metro Manila who love Chansel pizza. The thing with this pizza brand is people seem to find it by word of mouth as they do not actively advertise their pizza. They also also do not have stalls in the really crowded malls, possibly because the rent there would be much higher than at the current stall locations.

  2. Thanks for your comment. The rating was based on both popularity and availability at that time. It was a personal rating so personally it is accurate and I am happy to know that they have more branches now. Thanks again!

  3. Thanks for your comment.  The rating was based on both popularity and availability at that time.  It was a personal rating so personally it is accurate and I am happy to know that they have more branches now.  Thanks again!

  4. i just love chansel pizza... more than those expensive brands..