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ATLUS and VANILLAWARE’s All-New Tactical RPG – Unicorn Overlord Out Now!

SEGA is proud to announce that ATLUS and VANILLAWARE's latest game, Unicorn Overlord, was released on March 8, 2024, for Playstation®4, PlayStation®5, Nintendo Switch™, and Xbox Series X|S. A new trailer has been released to commemorate its launch! 

Unicorn Overlord Out Now!



Featuring innovative strategic battles, open exploration, and high-resolution graphics and characters by VANILLAWARE, meet new companions and face off against a great evil in this classic adventure. 
Unicorn Overlord delicately blends the new and the old into a unique and unforgettable experience. Delve into a rich, immersive landscape with a distinctive battle system that incorporates elements hearkening back to the golden age of 16-bit gaming, while also enjoying online battles via the Coliseum.  


Unicorn Overlord Out Now!

“Lost to the clutches of a great evil, the fate of the world is entrusted to the prince of a fallen nation and his faithful ring.” 
The story takes place in the land of Fevrith, which is home to five nations: the Kingdom of Cornia, Drakenhold, Elheim, Bastorias, and the Holy Kingdom of Albion. The realm is inhabited by a host of different races, including humans, bestrals, elves, and angels. 

A rebellion by General Valmore in the Kingdom of Cornia quickly sweeps across the land, engulfing the realm in war. The protagonist, Alain, is a surviving Cornian prince at the helm of the Liberation Army. Seize the legendary Ring of the Unicorn, raise your banners, and liberate your lands.  


"Gather, raise, and lead an army who'll fight by your side!" 
Reclaim Your Destiny: 
Freely explore the vast reaches of Fevrith, resolving all manner of disputes and odd jobs along the way. You will be able to progress further by defeating enemies, liberating towns and utilizing their resources, and bolstering your ranks with your new companions. 

Unit Customization: 
There are over 60 characters ready to join your cause—from humans, elves, bestrals, and angels, as well as 60 classes to choose between.  

Organize your companions into units and lead them into battle. As leader of the Liberation Army, you have free rein over who you choose to deploy and what strategies you decide to employ!  
Choose From a Variety of Classes: 

Housecarl , Gladiator, Arbalist

Unicorn Overlord Out Now! Unicorn Overlord Out Now! Unicorn Overlord Out Now!

Cleric, Wyvern Knight, Shaman

Unicorn Overlord Out Now! Unicorn Overlord Out Now! Unicorn Overlord Out Now!

Elven Fencer, Werewolf, Featherbow

Unicorn Overlord Out Now! Unicorn Overlord Out Now! Unicorn Overlord Out Now!

Gryphon Knight, Feathersword, Hunter
Unicorn Overlord Out Now! Unicorn Overlord Out Now! Unicorn Overlord Out Now!
Interacting with Characters: 

You can forge deeper bonds with your companions through battle, meals, and other activities. As your relationships deepen, special conversations known as Rapport Conversations can occur. By building Rapport, you can gain bonuses, such as increased might, from being in the same unit. 
Rapport can be increased by dining at taverns or giving gifts to characters stationed as guards. 

When Alain has reached maximum rapport with a companion, he can enact a rite and gift them a special ring. Only one character can be selected. 

Battlefield Stage: 
Battle stages are the fields of combat where allied and enemy units wage war in real-time. Each battle stage has victory conditions that must be fulfilled to complete it, such as defeating the enemy commander within a certain time limit. 

During Battle, your units will automatically engage enemy units and use their skills according to the tactics that have been set for them. The battle will end when all combatants are no longer able to act or when all combatants on one side have been defeated. 

Organize your units, equipment, and tactics based on your companions' classes and skills! 

Difficulty Levels:  

There are four difficulty modes to choose from: Story, Normal, Tactical, and Expert. 
  •  Story: A difficulty focused on the enjoyment of the story. For players looking to win battles without much difficulty. 
  • Normal: A difficulty focused on moderately challenging battles. For first-time players and those looking for a moderate challenge. 
  • Tactical: A difficulty focused on tactical gameplay. For players familiar with strategy games. 
  • Expert: A difficulty focused on pushing your tactical mind to its limits. For players who are quite skilled at strategy games. 
Online Battles: 

Enter the coliseum and face off against battle-hardened units uploaded by players from across the world. 

Assemble the ultimate unit and devise unique strategies to top the leaderboards. 

Unicorn Overlord Product Information 


Unicorn Overlord

Release Date

March 8, 2024 (Fri)


PlayStation®5/PlayStation®4/Nintendo Switch™/Xbox Series X|S




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